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Hiya! I'm Alice, or, as some will call me, AthenatheWitch, Witchy, or Athena! My works usually aren't exactly anthro, HOWEVER, I am improving quite a bit! I don't do a lot of amazing work, so I won't claim to do that! I will say my improvement is better than it originally was! I am in the beta for Furvilla. I love love LOVE Tim Burton movies, anime, and cuddles. I also have two cats(an Ocicat, which looks like an Ocelot, and a European Burmese male(a cream color), both purebred!

I tend to treat others as they treat me(though that's a subconscious thing that happens over a period of time). I actually have the tendancy to hold grudges when someone's really done me wrong, though I'm usually extremely forgiving. I'm very very shy at first, and get a bit awkward sometimes if I get nervous or afraid enough.

I am very bad at trusting and a nervous-wreck as well as apologetic and fragile to the idea of people being angry with me. I will shut down if that ends up happening, as I just often don't know what to say.

I'm currently in a relationship with someone, and have been for a month. He's been my best friend for 5 years. After the anxiety that started when my ex left and pretty much treated me badly thereafter, my love actually talked the sense into me.

As well as this, I actually have been trying to make a game, though that's only in the concept stages right now, BUT I am likely to add more stuff about it as I go, adding only a few of the creatures here, such as the Krohstaken and Magna Manu. Those are just going to be a couple of the many very...interesting... creatures of Corona! Most of the stuff for there will be on deviantart! ^_^

Well, that's a bit about me, don't be afraid to tell me a tidbit or two about you! ♥

Anyways, hope to make lots of friends here!! ♥

I would like to tell you guys that is the creator of my profile picture! The character was my own, however, the owner of the art is danirap!


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I'm doing PWYW commissions, they will start at a mere $5 for a single character and only $8 for pairings! Any extra character will in fact be only $2 more! This is because I actually really need to save up to move out, and I have the goal of at LEAST $50,000 in total, and I really do hope to get ...
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Lilly Thos

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