AutisticWerehog the Wolf is feeling Geeky
Artist Type: Cartoonist

Roxanne McLoughlin

Female · Fox · Heterosexual · Leo
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Roxy, The buff babe, Foxy Roxy, The big girl with a big heart, The Amazonian Fox girl
Buff: Check Buxom: Check Beautiful: That’s debatable Cute: MOTHER FUCKING CHECK! XD ...
02/03/2020 17:47

Persephi Togavi

Female · Hedgehog · Heterosexual · Aries
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Miss Fluffy, Professor, Doctor, Persephi
She’s a big buff girl with a big warm heart
02/03/2020 15:46

Hanzo Masaki

Male · Wolf · Heterosexual · Leo
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames War Dog, Hanzi, The Bloodbather
A warrior who has lust for blood, but a heart of gold
02/03/2020 15:04