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Shoooooo. Where to start.


Hello. My name is Miranda but please, call me "Axel." I am a zombified Jackalope. I am 17 years of age, will be 18 in July. I am bisexual. I identify as a she. I am taken yes so feel free to roleplay but please no sexual content. I am a traditional artist but I do digital very rare. I am a senior in school. Ummm what else. Oh I have other characters such as Karma the corgi and Kyoki the....well I dont know. I mainly use and identify as Axel Hopps. Now more on Axel. Yes Im pulling a furry trash because she is sister to Judy Hopps of the Movie Zootopia. Just because I couldnt think of a last name. Um she died by being his by a car. She was then brought back to life by a medican man. Welllll tbats all I can think of so message me if you would like. Bye ♥


PS-I will subscribe back if possable.


Trades- Open Always

Commissions- No way to be paied so not yet.

Requests- Sure

Birthday Gifts- Lemme know the date! :3


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Happy is a Lamp dog. Lamp dogs are unusual dog like creatures who, in their life, find a lava lam...
28/05/2016 11:48


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Madame Sparx posted to Miranda Knowles

22/05/2016 14:58

Thank you for the fave!

Miranda Knowles · 26/05/2016 20:27

I'm making a species called "Lava Dogs" NO NOT HOT LAVA!!! Lava lamps! Details soon.

Madame Sparx · 26/05/2016 22:13


Miranda Knowles posted

22/05/2016 03:17

I will not be posting ANY NSFW so do not subscribe just for porn. Thanks!

Bun Fluffpaws · 22/05/2016 06:19

Haha just porn blocked all the people :D 

Miranda Knowles posted

22/05/2016 02:37

Um I have no wifi at home, at a friends atm, so I will post when I can.

Miranda Knowles posted

22/05/2016 02:20

So this is new...

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