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Artist Type: Art Whore

She lived without problems in a quiet village NOWHERE 'till her 12 years, when some Hicarus Shipmen [technically they were Marine Officials for the Imperial Company, but really similar to Pirates] abducted her and some of her friends and sisters.
Once on the ship, they were fire marked with the H symbol on their right shoulders. Men were used for very weavy works, while females for cooking, other maiden works and sexual slaves too. Unfortunately for Sheera, she was already a little woman and shipmen started to have a deep interested into her... She started to sabotage part of ship and plans, trying to free slaves, peing the shipmen beverages.. All the time she was caught, she was frustated and left in prison to starve and when someone with compassion gave her something to eat and drink.. that was always rancid cow milk and piece of dry bread. After few months and trying to suicide, she started to give them what they wanted. She lived on that ship 'till she was 17 years, when the ship Commander was arrested for being a Pirate and all the slaves freed. She wanted to come back with her little sister to their old village, but none was there. Her sister died later causing of a sexual disease. She found a job as barkeeper around 18 years and later, when she was 23 and the old owner of the bar intested her the bar ownership, she founded "Le Jardin Des Follies", the only place you could find anything illegal anywhere but there! She thought that if men wanted to have what they want, it was better to do it safely and for money, as free person! She doesn't like people compassionate her for her past, so she tries to avoid anything about her past or her back scars: tha's why she always wear clothes and have long hairs... But she loves swimming and it's the only time you can see the scars.. That and when you see her naked :P

Favourite Color


Owner of "Le Jardin Des Follies"
"Le Jardin Des Follies" is a well known bar-pub-club of FANTASIA! Everyone is welcomed! In here you can find:
- alcohol and sex [legal only in here]
- all species/races [neutral area, no fights]
- slot machines and any kind of gambles you can think of [horses, fight clubs, wizard tournament, etc...]
- strip-tease and burlesque dancers [Cherry& Alice Cinnamon [Custom OC] are the best!]

Extra Details

Age: 29 years old
Birthday: 23th June - Cancer
Species: Homus Cervi
Lineage: Unknown
Relationship Status: Open relationship with Royce
She lives: apartement n° 13 of her own night club

Religion Orientation: Atheist
Political Orientation: Not Interested
Alignement: Neutral Evil

Personality: Artistic, curious, flirty, friendly, intuitive, sexy, smart; Ambitious, ironic, proud, sarcastic; Bipolar, dirty-mind, irascible, libidinous, malicious, a bit sadic, stubborn

Fav Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink
Fav Music/Band: Jpop, Jrock, Metal and Rock [any kind], MADONNA FAN, classical music [Beethoven and Mozart, Chopin]
Fav Movies/TV series: basically anything about criminology, horror, supernatural things
Fav Actors and such: Depp, Pitt, Jolie, Thurman; Deffman; Burton
Fav Books/Manga/Comic: XXX Holic, Death Note, MLPD Psycho; Diabolik, Batman, Spiderman, XMEN [Wolverine, Rogue, Storm]; S. King and Pratchett
Fav PC Games: Skyrim, GW2, GTA, POSTAL2, Bioshock, The Witcher, Fable, SIMS, Torchlight 2
Fav Food: Pizza, Kebab, Sushi&Sashimi, Chilli, Fish & Chips, Noodles, Cherry, Grapes, Pastiera Napoletana [typical Easter Cake from Naples]
Fav Flavor: Mint, Cherry, Strawberry, Hot Cocoa, Raspberry tea, Indian aromas, 100% pure arabic black coffee

Medical Status: Healthy
Medical Records:
- Born with heart murmur
- Epilepsy Problems from 9 years old 'till 20 years old
- Bipolar 1st type diagnosed at around 12 years old
- Suicidal Attempts from 12 years 'till 17 years old
- First Ginecologist Visit at around 18 years old
- Anticonceptional Pills at around 21 years old
- Natural abortion at around 25 years old
- Otitis, stomach flu, tonsillitis, cold only sometimes, during Winter or Spring season
- Test HIV, Hepatitis B both NEGATIVE


1.65 Meters · 5 Feet, 4.96 Inches


70Kg · 11 Stone, 0.32 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

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Extra Attributes

Cup E3; dark chocolate hairs with hot pink hairlights, light navy blue eyes; nose piercing and septum [usually cherry or gold color], breast piercings, navel piercing, earrings + 11 mm ear studs [usually cherry color with brown internal], label piercing [always gold color], wrist jewel [always gold color], pleasure button jewel [usually cherry or gold color], tongue piercing, back neck jewels [always silver]; rose tattoo on her left shoulder, a R tattoo on her left breast, little anck on her left wrist, fire Hicarus mark on her right shoulder, big tatoo on her back, heart tattoo on her left side of ass

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Friendly, smart, mischivious deergirl bitchie!

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