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Artist Type: Art Whore

I'm a 31-year-old Italian girl!

I love drawing, especially: anthro/human and animal, pinup, hentai, NSFW!

I love making my own species! I make adoptables too!

♥ MY TOS ♥


If interested, please contact me by mail:

The range of Commish price varies depending on: details, number of Ocs, portrait/halfbody/fullbody/ref sheet, style (chiby, manga, semirealistic).

All prices and samples are HERE


You choose one of your Oc and one of mine to mate and get a new OC! My breeders are HERE

All my Ocs are on MY TOYHOU.SE

You gonna have the breeding NSFW scene of those OCs and their offspring as new OC!

The price is 15€ for ferals and 30 for human/anthro/furry


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Hi all! I'm new here, but Can't wait to be active, finding friends/roleplayers and commissioners! I sometimes do breeding and roleplaying scenes too -ofc only with my RP partners!- I else do ART TRADES as well as BREEDING SHARE! I'M ALWAYS OPEN FOR PAYPAL COMMISSION!! If interested, please cont...
05/02/2017 12:43


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Kieth Treason

Species: wolf
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JermaineJDragon32 posted to Sheera

10/02/2017 18:24

Hey there! First off I wanna say I love your work, it's very beautiful! ♥

And second I have a question, how do you get a photo to fit your header there? I tried adding one of my artworks to it, but its too big! o.o what do I need to do to make it fit just right like yours is?~ ':-)

Sheera · 11/02/2017 14:21

thanks! you only need to look how big in pixel is [I forgot] then make a transparent BG layer on a new canvas with those pixel dimension and done.. XD

JermaineJDragon32 · 14/02/2017 22:38

Ahh seems like alot to think about, but I'll give it try, thanks for the tip!~ ^.^

Snack posted to Sheera

14/01/2016 20:28

thanks so much for the fave! hard to get any around here XD and OMG SHEERA THE GODDESS OF POWER!!!!

Sheera · 14/01/2016 22:06

Ahaha thanks XD Sheera is so fking bitchie lovely!!! ♥ I adore her!!! She's a Mistress ofc :P

Gryphon posted to Sheera

14/01/2016 12:15

Thanks for subscribing its greatly appreciated

Sheera · 14/01/2016 13:16 · 1 Reply

you deserve it! You've great art and vibrant colors too!!!

Gryphon · 14/01/2016 13:17

well thank you very much. Im slow but I try to make up for it with lots of eye candy XD

Sheera · 14/01/2016 13:18 · 1 Reply

ahahah XD I still need a LONG WAY to be a good artist XDoh well.. MAybe one day... before dying XD

Gryphon · 14/01/2016 13:20

not saying im good but like everything else all ya need is practice

Sheera · 14/01/2016 13:24 · 1 Reply

you're GREAT!!! And yeah but sadly I practice and not improving XD not that Much I want T^T Now I NEED my fireplace ON and finishing to color my OC Ziwah and then the rest..

Gryphon · 23/01/2016 18:43

Ah the artists curse is strong with this one XD

Gryphon · 23/01/2016 18:43 · 1 Reply

truth you may not see yourself improving but you improve every time you do it you just cant see it because your the one doing it

Sheera · 23/01/2016 20:18

probably but just being commissioned for an adult fetish/bondage site to draw for an illustrated book XD So i think I improved XD

Gryphon · 23/01/2016 22:35 · 1 Reply

awesome an congrats ^v^

Sheera · 23/01/2016 23:34


HisBride07 posted to Sheera

09/01/2016 17:57


Sheera · 09/01/2016 19:12

finally my bestie is here!!! [emot=14]

Aikomo posted to Sheera

08/01/2016 14:04

Welcome to Furiffic!