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The Info
I am certainly open to taking requests! If you like my style than feel more than free to send me a message and I will see what I can do. 

With this please keep in mind that I am doing free art for you. While I will try my best to get it exactly as you ask, I am only human and art is NOT an easy thing. I also request that you please do not hound me over the time it takes to get to your request or get it done. I have studies and I do art as a hobby so please take that into mind. 

To keep things easier on myself I will give a list of things I will and won't do in art request. 

Things I Will Do
Furries (of course!~)
Sequence (3-4 Frames at the Most)


NSFW (depends on my mood)

Things I Will NOT Do
Heavy BDSM Pictures

Current Requests
1. TwiceKnight on Furaffinity (Sequence - 7-8 Frames)
2. Erulastiel_RPGQueen1 on Furaffinity (Flat Color Lines)
3. iYogo on DeviantArt (My standard style)
4. joshspeed7 on DeviantArt (My standard style)
5. CrystalFossil on DevaintArt (My standard style)
6. Kaia97 on DeviantArt (My standard style)
7. Igarisa on DeviantArt (My Standard style)
8. Bran (My Standard Style)

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