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Hi, not much to put here to be honest, dont really know what i could say about myself. If you want to chat you can send me a friend request on Discord. My username is "AzureSkyrin#4929"

If the invite doesn't work then that probably means i changed my name for something temporarily. I have a roleplay group on discord, you may join here "" you can find me online there~

I apologize in advance, if anything i say or do may offend people, i'm uhh... sort of lost with myself and tend to be a bother so... yeah, thanks for visiting my profile.


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20/06/2016 16:26


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Bran posted to AzureSkyrin

30/06/2016 01:26

Hey there! Ive been bouncin around lookin at characters and I saw that you are open to roleplay! I want to formally invite you to our roleplay group. Maybe youll find somethin there that you like. Ill leave you a link so you can check it out! As for me, personally, I am always open to roleplay and I have a couple characters to choose from and, (like you,) prefer my stories to be detailed and vivid. So if youre ever bored, Im always here!

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