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Hi, just an artist here. :l ... I draw... I like waffles...                                                         Okay I guess this is a stupid joke. I'm currently on FA, Weasyl, and FurryNetwork. It's nice to see an art site where there isn't cubfur everywhere. I might do commissions....

I used to be on Sudomemo, but now I have college and the wifi doesn't let me get there. Forunately because that site is too addicting, I hardly have a reason to go back anyway, but hey it's going to end sooner or later.

I like animating and realistic art.


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I've been very inactive on here lately but I'm on now ._. Anything you guys want to see?
05/06/2017 17:34


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28/03/2019 22:11


17/05/2018 15:11


Floyd Filly posted to Badgefox

29/09/2016 23:35

Subscribed! (You just looked familiar to me, I am lioness)

Badgefox · 30/09/2016 00:07 · 1 Reply

@Lioness Lee thanks. I just came on here today :l

Floyd Filly · 30/09/2016 00:48

H, okay! Welcome to furiffic!

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