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Hey all, I'm Bakari and I do digital art, much of which is adult straight stuff, pinups, or reference sheets. I don't deal in many fetishes and I don't make gay art unless it's a commission (though I have nothing against it, it doesn't appeal to me). If you don't mind that, come stick around for a bit!

Most of my work is art for my rp game, Blackwolf Mountain, but sometimes you'll find other things mixed in.

For my complete gallery see my FA page, though most of my good work is in my gallery here.

I love making new friends, come have a chat with me!

Mate -  Zook


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Bakari's Terms of Service If you commission me, it will be assumed that you have read and agreed to these Terms of Service. Read them thoroughly, they are here to protect both of us. Subject Matter I WILL NOT DRAW MY BLACKWOLF GAME OC'S, ZOOK'S GAME OC'S, OR OTHER PLAYER'S GAME OC'S, IN ADULT S...
07/12/2015 06:07

Immigration Finally Done!

Well after 9 years of confusion, heartbreak, and anger my residency in Canada is finally done. I can now live like a normal person in the place I've been living the last 9 years with my's good to know the system works? Either way this means I can finally find a job and do the things...
06/12/2015 14:21


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SyntheticDisease posted to Bakari

01/01/2018 20:39

I love your cover art!

Bakari · 02/01/2018 01:48

Aw thank you! ♥ It's one of my favorites,

Libby Airspinner posted to Bakari

17/09/2015 22:46

one day imma get art from you

Bakari · 18/09/2015 00:50

♥ One day I'll be able to open for commissions again! Hopefully sooner rather than later

Libby Airspinner · 18/09/2015 00:54 · 2 Replies

i prefer the request way because it helps artists Experiment on art Methods

Bakari · 18/09/2015 01:20

Request openings are few and far between...I'm rarely ever feeling creative and productive without having something I'm working on in my to-do list. I tend to experiment alone because I art VERY slowly; usually too slowly for livestream, though that's the only place I offer requests I might be inspired to do.

Libby Airspinner · 18/09/2015 01:24

well if ever you wanna use my Libby with your  Baki, Let me know! i got a million ideas ranging from strolls in a park to Lesbian foreplay

Libby Airspinner · 18/09/2015 01:41 · 1 Reply

also i am very patient

Bakari · 18/09/2015 02:00

Baki's confined to her game world and context (makes me uncomfortable to use her any other way), but I have a few other characters I don't mind using for just about anything

Libby Airspinner · 18/09/2015 02:12

oh? any good for a Post-Apocalyptic horse with big tits and Mechwings?

Libby Airspinner · 18/09/2015 02:14 · 1 Reply

i up for anything kinky as long as it does not contain scat or watersports...or diaper/cub. anything else i can go for

Bakari · 18/09/2015 02:23

I don't really do fetishes beyond size play or light bondage anyway

Libby Airspinner · 18/09/2015 02:30

that cool by me! i actually love artistic freedom

Miyoko posted to Bakari

17/09/2015 01:16

Your welcome! Thank you so much for the welcome!

Bakari · 17/09/2015 04:06


CatInYourCloset posted to Bakari

15/09/2015 01:32

 Thanks so much for the subscription! :'D

Bakari · 15/09/2015 03:36


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