Bast the Liontaur is feeling Relaxed

Walking off into the sunset ( leaving )

Published: 9 months ago

Well it's been an interesting run, 
but I think it's finally time to stop.

I just don't have the time to hang out anymore.
I miss being able to chat, note, or whatever 
with the ppl I watch or just run across, or who run across me.
Too many other responsibilites now
It's not fun to start talking and repeatedly have to go
So many cool and interesting ppl here, it's been great getting to talk and know ya a little.

I've met many spectacular artists, and gotten a ton of art- 
Fierce, fun, powerful, toony, sweet, 
even some truly exceptional and amazing pieces
Still love it all.
Sadly not much in the way of new ideas coming forth from my brain.
Tried stepping away for a while, but it's not really made a difference

I'll be leaving the Gallery up
Going to see if I can get it bumped into curated mode
(never deleted, open to view, but no updates)

Cheers all, good times and happy memories

- Bast

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