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New to this, ill fix this up later o3o


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I lost. posted to Beleth

05/09/2016 02:25

Hey, thanks for the fave, I recommend checking out Morisith, she is the one that did the awesome job.

and welcome to the site! I'm happy to see you've started posting, I'm loving your gallery so far; you have wonderful talent. 

Bran posted to Beleth

04/09/2016 22:01

Hey welcome to the site c: I hope you like it here! I love your artwork :3 Hope to see more of it~

Beleth · 05/09/2016 03:41 · 1 Reply

Thank you!, its rather different than FA trying to get the hang of it. but its not bad so far ^^

Bran · 05/09/2016 15:42

Well, the community is much smaller than FA, but you get to know people better~ Also, I dont really know if you like this kinda stuff, but we also have a roleplay group going with over 40 members~ You're more than welcome to come join if you want, if only to meet some new people.