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Nibbles reins from a species known as Coonie-Cats, it's a special Raccoon-Cat hybrid which hold magical abilities of sorts. The amount of magic they contain depending on how many tails they have, Nibbles having only 2.

She's a fairly basic character, she does not believe in monogamy but at the same time she refuses to share. She may be selfish, but she is in no ways lacking intelligence. She's witty, quick to retort, and very snippy. She tends to be a bit awkward and stumble over her words at times, but that won't keep her from flirting if she finds you attractive. (Even though she might not be the best at it)

Normal universe Nibbles works as a Bartender in a hookah bar and shares an apartment with her friend with benefits (who is completely obsessed with her) Dizzi. 

Side universe Nibbles is a dictator over a country, being more snippy than usual and has mood swings fairly badly.

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Bartender in normal universe, side universe has her being a dictator.

Extra Details

She has a bit of elemental abilities~


1.67 Meters · 5 Feet, 5.74 Inches


44.45Kg · 6 Stone, 13.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

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Extra Attributes

Normal version wears a black long sleeve sweater which reads, "NOOB" on the chest.

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Sarcastic but awkward little coonie-cat~

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