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Female | 17 | Varied Artist | Engaged | Roleplayer | Awkward & Lazy
Isla Nublar

Hey guys, the names Effie but feel free to call me whatever you like honestly.

I'm a varied artist meaning I do traditional and digital art, and I even paint sometimes~

I have A LOT of OCs, and quite a collection of sonas so as you can guess I do RP.


Kirby (Pitbull)

Effie (Dinosaur Hybrid)

Joji (Pony)

Pompel (Powersona-PonyJunebug (Sicksona-Pony)


Nibbles (Raccoon-Cat Hybrid)

Dizzi (Hyena)

Crouton (Bunny)

Snowcone-Kitty (Pegasus)

Raggedy-Kat (Monster-Pony)

Spirit (Medium-Pony)

And many many more~

Feel free to message me asking about any of my Characters & Sonas, I'm open to RP anything and I'm open to just plain chatting!

I'll try to have photos posted of most if not all my Characters & Sonas but it'll take me some time.


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Female · Pitbull · Pansexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
My main fursona~
13/11/2015 17:55

Nibbles Caudis

Female · Raccoon-cat hybrid · Pansexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Nibbs
Sarcastic but awkward little coonie-cat~
13/11/2015 17:34


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