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Lost pt 1 FxF fluff

My name is Kora, this is how I found my beautiful wife and how she saved my life. Her name is Holly, and she lived in the Reu forest. Before I had met her at least. I had been looking for a forest to live for a few years, and I had only stopped to look around when I got lost. Really lost. I reali...
20/12/2018 04:37

What was that?

She heard it: footsteps in the dark. Fauna Evergreen, age twenty two, was shivering under her blankets in the blackness of her room as she listened to the footsteps draw near. The curtains were drawn and no light was in the room, and instinct told Fauna that she was practically invisible in the b...
20/12/2018 04:36


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(22) Micheal is a quiet being.
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