Kora the Fox is feeling Horny
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Lost pt 1 FxF fluff

Published: 9 months ago

My name is Kora, this is how I found my beautiful wife and how she saved my life.  Her name is Holly, and she lived in the Reu forest. Before I had met her at least. I had been looking for a forest to live for a few years, and I had only stopped to look around when I got lost. Really lost. I realised the greatness of the situation so I decided to look for a den for the night. The sun started going down and I didn’t know where I was so I found a ditch and lied there for the night.  That’s when she found me, asleep in a ditch. She was worried I was hurt! So she woke me up, “Hey, are you alright?” With the softest most calming voice you could imagine “Y-yeah.. I’m fine I think?” I stuttered at her beauty,  her coat red and white in the moonlight. “Well would you like to come back to my den? I can tell you’re new here..” she giggled at me for being so stunned. I happily agreed and we made our way to her den. “So I can see you’re new here.  What brings you to a place like this?” She asked with a slight smirk. “Uh.. I got lost looking around..” I replied awkwardly. She giggled and smirked again. As we approached her den I could smell fresh grass and some herbs, it smelled amazing! “Please come in! And make yourself at home!” She said. It was surprisingly well lit for a den because it was made from a tree trunk, and the place was very clean and tidy. “Wow it looks great in here!” I said amazed “Well thank you! I always keep it clean in case of company.” She said with tempting eyes as she made her way closer.

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