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Talia [Undertale Oc]

Female · Raccoon · Pansexual · Pisces
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Tal
22/01/2016 09:14

Death Softpaw

Female · Cat · Questioning · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Death, Soft
22/01/2016 09:10


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Species: skunk
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: horny
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Joined 16/01/2016 22:05


Species: Husky
Artist Type: pron artist
Mood: naughty
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Snack posted to Echolocation

24/01/2016 04:51

hey thanks for the subscribe! X3 and thats a damn cute sona! mind if I use er sometime? I'll make sure I give you credit for her creation of course XD

Echolocation · 25/01/2016 00:43

Sure ya can! Actually something I forgot to add in her description is that her eye doesn't go black (sometimes her pupil is red) unless she's going Yandere otherwise her eye is totally normal ^w^;

Echolocation · 25/01/2016 00:45

Unless you're talking about Death SoftPaw she's totally normal

Snack · 25/01/2016 00:56

got it thanks! ;D

Echolocation · 25/01/2016 11:35

No problem

Echolocation posted

22/01/2016 08:44

how does a girl get over a crush? I need to know! MY HEART MUST NOT BREAK ANY MORE IM TIRED OF IT!!!!

Bun Fluffpaws · 22/01/2016 13:04 · 1 Reply

Need to shift your focus on to something or someone else.
*places a cupcake on your head*

Echolocation · 23/01/2016 03:49

Oh cool look a cupcake! *takes it an noms it* the guy said he didn't like like me but y'know he wanted to be my friend so...

Scramblez_Skunk · 23/01/2016 19:56 · 1 Reply

Thanks for subscribing.

Echolocation · 23/01/2016 20:38

You're welcome!

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