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Artist Type: Digital Artist

Gender: Genderfluid Female

Sexual orientation: Demisexual

Name: Alicia

Nicknames: Ari, Angel, Ali, Crystal

Artist information:

What types do I do?: Digital and traditional.

Posters?: Not as of now

Fursuits?: No

Plushies: Not now

Money Orders?: I can accept those but would prefer paypal or points.

Points?: Yes

Which site am I most likely to be found on?: Deviantart and Facebook and now likely this(furrific)

What kind do I do?: Feral but can do anthro if needed. I ask if I can do feral before I start.

Commissions: Semi-open

Trades: Only for friends

Requests: Open, but would rather do them for friends

Contact information:



Furaffinity: I don't use this so don't ask for this one


SMS: Can only text or call anyone in the US. Ask me privately for it

Skype: wolfsnowangel24

YouTube: Broken_Beats

G+: Don't use mine

Kik: ariaskyie


~Am I open or closed now?~

~What do I do for commissions?~
Anything but I try to avoid humans.

~My prices?~
500 points for a headshot.
800 points for a bust. 
300 points for a badge
900 points for full body. 
1200 points for anthro
2500 points for a multiple character picture.
Lineart for any of them is 500 points less.
Shaded for any of them is 500 points more.
3000 points for a speedpaint
These are normally Deviantart points unless Furaffinity uses the point system as well.

~Will they be colored?~
All of them will be colored unless told otherwise.

~How soon will they be done from the day you commission me?~
It depends on how busy I am and if I do then it will be on my off days when I get an actual chance to work on them. I normally finish them in a day or two if I can get to them and don't lose track. But I ALWAYS get the art done whether it takes a bit or not.

~What kinds do I do?~

I do digital and traditional.

~Will I be mailing the badges you get made?~
Yes. Unless you tell me otherwise, I always mail them when I get a chance to get to my grandparents.

~Do I do posters?~
I will start doing that once I get a job and can pay for prints form Wal-Mart or Walgreens. And they will be actual sized posters, not small ones, unless they don't have the size paper I need.

~Money, points, or what?~
I will take money(which will not be equal to the DA points so don't ask about that) through the mail be since I do not have a working PayPal atm(need to ask a friend about that). I also take points. I am not doing art trades anymore.

~Money prices?~
$5 for a headshot
$13 for a bust
$8 for a badge
$16 for full body
$25 for anthro
+$15 for every character added
$10 for lineart(transparent or white background)
+$9 for shaded
$35 for a speedpaint

~Art examples?~…/57891327/Art-Exmples I don't have any of my good enough art on here but you don't need an account on DA to look at my folder.


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OK!!! I found out my insurance will NOT cover ANY of the therapy or gender reassignment surgery! I am doing up to $200 worth of commission PER group. It will be 10's of thousands of dollars out of MY pocket for this. So I am currently trying to get a second job and also working my a** off in art....
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