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Etsy Shop {} Furries and Bronies check me out! Looking forward to some commissions
03/09/2016 22:29


OK!!! I found out my insurance will NOT cover ANY of the therapy or gender reassignment surgery! I am doing up to $200 worth of commission PER group. It will be 10's of thousands of dollars out of MY pocket for this. So I am currently trying to get a second job and also working my a** off in art....
04/08/2016 01:56

First 14! Commissions

I have 14 mlp figures. I will be giving them away with the first 14 commissions I do. Payment is through PayPal. My commission prices for money are on my profile page(deviantart). If you are interested, comment or note me and I will get to you. I may cut my prices in half for the first 14, still ...
01/06/2016 13:40

Terms of Service for my art

The ToS for any art you get from me. 1. You may post the art elsewhere as long as you credit me. 2. Do NOT erase my signature from any art work. 3. Do not use my art work for any RP or profile picture without asking me first. ~Exceptions are if it's your character and I give you permission upo...
25/05/2016 02:13


I am doing $5 commissions. Pay through PayPal. I normally charge more but this is for ALL types of commissions. Comment or message me on one of my social accounts if you are interested. Look in my gallery for examples or I will send them to you on Facebook.
22/05/2016 21:06