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I am helping a good friend of mine's girlfriend(whom I know) pay for her hospital bill. She doesn't have insurance but I told her if she went, I'd pay for expenses with whatever I had. She probably has some kind of worm or parasite making her lose weight at a very dangerous rate and other symptoms. This has been going on for a couple weeks and I just found out. But I am doing all commissions of any kind. but raising my prices for all of them by $2.


Will be of your pony oc, a cannon character, or your fursona(furry fandom). The prices vary depending on the size. they will be laminated.

**Also comes with a half off badge(which would be $2.50).**

Size and prices:

~ A4 Paper (8.5" x 11") - $4.00

~ Small (11" x 17") - $4.00-$7.00

~ Medium (18" x 24") - $10.00

~ Large (24" x 36") - $12+

Shipping within America will be +$2.00

Shipping internationally will be +$5.00 (mailing services are expensive and I know because I help my grandma)

Black and white coloring - +$1.00

Colored and detailed - +$5.00 or more depending on how much color and detail you want

Laminated w/poster stick up putty - $2.00

Not laminated - No real charge or any at all

**The badge is optional but if the purchase is over $20 it comes free.**

Do not have any examples of a poster yet but when I do one I will post it.


$5 for a headshot

$13 for a bust $8 for a badge

$16 for full body

$25 for anthro

+$15 for every character added

$10 for lineart(transparent or white background)

+$9 for shaded

$35 for a speedpaint(this one is closed until I find a program that won't mess up my computer)

If you want to see examples go to my Deviantart page with this link which is to my folder with my newer art pieces.

Link: http://snowangeldeath.deviantart.com/gallery/59476578/Newer-Art

Kayto_Krystal · 04/07/2016 02:45 · 1 Reply

I wish I could help out >.< I hope everything gets better :)

GrimDarkPone · 04/07/2016 02:51

 Thanks I do too and it's ok. Thanks for favoriting this though

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