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Justin| Male | 20

Hey! I'm Justin.
I'm a 20 yr old artist with autism from England.
I do digital and traditional art and animation.

I'm not very active on here, if you want to see all my are you should follow me somewhere else.

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01/01/2019 19:06


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Hraefn posted to Blood-wolf

22/07/2017 09:22

Thanks for the fave~ ^v^

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11/03/2017 22:35

Hai! Don't I know you on Weasyl? 

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11/12/2016 03:11

Thanks for the fave

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03/11/2016 11:56

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28/10/2016 12:53

Thanks for the fav ♥  

Badgefox posted to Blood-wolf

25/10/2016 23:53

Thanks for the fave :D... Hows Sudo?

Blood-wolf · 25/10/2016 23:56

no problem. i havent posted in over a month because of stress but i went on sudo a few hours ago to find 4 of my flipnotes have been stolen. i wasnt to happy about that.

Badgefox · 26/10/2016 00:03

oh D:, when I left there was drama. I'm actually kind of glad I can't post there now...

Badgefox posted to Blood-wolf

15/10/2016 17:44

Thanks for the fav. :D

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13/10/2016 23:01

Thank you so much for subbing to me ♥

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03/08/2016 13:11

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01/08/2016 20:16

Sorry for being so late to say but thank you very much for the sub! 

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21/07/2016 18:40

Mighty thanks for your generous sub! Stay tuned because more is certain to come soon! :)

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16/07/2016 06:17

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Low Swing! posted to Blood-wolf

10/07/2016 17:05

+1 sub!

Blood-wolf · 10/07/2016 19:06

X3 thanks

Low Swing! · 10/07/2016 20:57 · 1 Reply

You're welcome! My sudomemo is lioness and I love your flipnotes!

Blood-wolf · 10/07/2016 21:18

your style looks familiar I might have seen you or even already followed you on there X3 and thank you!

Low Swing! · 10/07/2016 21:20

My dsi died already, but you're welcome again!

Ylveerax posted to Blood-wolf

08/07/2016 12:10

Hey, thanks for the fave! You're awesome!

Susy posted to Blood-wolf

04/07/2016 12:41

Hey Bloodwolf!!!!! Thanks for the sub!! I subbed back. Im really glad I can now uplode my drawings...even though i suck at drawing xc. Well have a good day/night!!! >:3

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03/07/2016 06:23

Thanks for the follow ~  ♥

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02/07/2016 23:23

thank you so much for subscribing! i love your art! make sure you don't stress yourself out, though!

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27/06/2016 21:29

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22/06/2016 16:49

thanks for the sub! ♥

Heuvadoches posted to Blood-wolf

19/06/2016 16:51

You posted that you think you suck at art and animation ... but I just want to tell you, that if you persist in your efforts, you will become a force to be reckoned with.  Don't lose hope and keep the faith.  Nothing worth doing was ever easy.

KontonAkuma posted to Blood-wolf

17/06/2016 13:10

Thank you for following!

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Hi they thx for the watch i reallt appreciate

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