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Zero was abandoned the night he was born because his parents though he was ugly because he was born very muscular and with a scar on his eye. they left him in a back street to die but he managed to live without any food and off of the rain water. he learnt to walk quickly so he could start looking for food and get more to drink. he would sometimes be beaten up by drunk teenagers and would be left bleeding to death, he was strong enough to fight back but didn't want to hurt anyone. when he did leave the backstreets to try and make friends and he would go to play parks to see if there was anyone but most of the other kids would just run away from him and the ones who didn't their parents would move them away because they though he was dangerous because he was a dirty bloody muscular mess. he gave up on trying to make friends but he still couldn't speak properly so he wouldn't be able to speak to them. one night when he was 6 years old after being beaten up and left bleeding Crystal noticed him in the back street and went down to see what it was, Zero was terrified because he though he was going to get hurt again but she just went and curled up with him and told him it was ok. after that she started to go and see him everyday and would bring him food and water and play with him, she couldn't bring him home because she knew her family wouldn't allow him to stay, so after she was old enough she bought her own house and brought Zero home with her. Crystal couldn't send Zero to school so she home schooled him she taught him to speak properly and how to do simple math and he picked it up quit quickly. When Zero got older Crystal tried to get him to go out more and make friends, he managed to make some friends but he was very anxious around them. He still liked to stay at home and just cuddle up with Crystal but Crystal started inviting his friends over so he would get used to other people, he slowly started getting use too them but it didn't help I'm with new people.

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Zero is very quiet and shy, he has anxiety and depression, he doesn't like going out and being around new people he likes staying at home alone or cuddling up with Crystal. He likes being with his friends and Crystal. Zero hates everything about himself but hates his body the most but he cant change it because it was the way he was born. he can also play the drums and is good at it but he doesn't think he good and wont show his friends when they ask to see it

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