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Hey, my name is Blood wolf I am an autistic 16 year old who spend all my time alone drawing and animating.

I think I really suck a lot  when it comes to art but you tell me what you think.


I'm trying to learn German and im hoping that at some point I will be able to speak multiple different languages

but i really doubt that will ever happen.


I've been animating with flipnote studio since the end of 2012 and doing digital art(with a computer not a ds) since Christmas 2014.

But I've been drawing in general just since i could pick up a pencil.


Here's a few things I like

 Favourite animal: I can't really pick but i'll just say wolf

 Favourite mythical creature: dragon and gryphon

 Favourite dog breed: rough haired collie

 Favourite bands: Skillet, Dead By April, Get scared

but I love way to many bands and almost all types of music.


I have really bad anxiety and depression, my anxiety is the worst (because i have generalised anxiety disorder).

So if I ever don't reply to anyone that's why, but I know nobody would want to talk to me or say anything about my art anyway.

There was no need to write any of this, im not interesting at all


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Multiple accounts?

Ok, so this is probably a stupid question but its just because of other sites (and mainly because something someone said on another art site but i might just not have heard the whole story about that :P ) but are you allowed multiple accounts on here? .Don't read anymore of this if you don't car...
2 months ago
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Exited and anxious

I haven't had a friend in over a year because I came out of school again and lost contact with my best friend (This has happened three times now) but my sister still go's to the school I left and was the only way I could get my phone number to her. she was a year above me and is leaving this week...
14/06/2016 18:13


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Hai! Don't I know you on Weasyl? 

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Thanks for the fave :D... Hows Sudo?

Blood-wolf · 11 months ago

no problem. i havent posted in over a month because of stress but i went on sudo a few hours ago to find 4 of my flipnotes have been stolen. i wasnt to happy about that.

Badgefox · 11 months ago

oh D:, when I left there was drama. I'm actually kind of glad I can't post there now...

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Mighty thanks for your generous sub! Stay tuned because more is certain to come soon! :)

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19/07/2016 17:42

hey your style is really awesome and you seem like a pretty neat person.

I look forward to subscribing to your content c:
I hope youre having a wonderful day!

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X3 thanks

Lioness Lee · 10/07/2016 20:57 · 1 Reply

You're welcome! My sudomemo is lioness and I love your flipnotes!

Blood-wolf · 10/07/2016 21:18

your style looks familiar I might have seen you or even already followed you on there X3 and thank you!

Lioness Lee · 10/07/2016 21:20

My dsi died already, but you're welcome again!

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Hey, thanks for the fave! You're awesome!

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Hey Bloodwolf!!!!! Thanks for the sub!! I subbed back. Im really glad I can now uplode my drawings...even though i suck at drawing xc. Well have a good day/night!!! >:3

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thank you so much for subscribing! i love your art! make sure you don't stress yourself out, though!

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21/06/2016 13:17

hi! first of all - thanks for your fav :3

and don't you think you're stupid please! you don't want other people to think you are stupid, do you? the REAL stupid persons on this world are the ones who think they are the best and can shit on everybody else ... and you don'T seem like such a person at all !!

ich komme übrigens aus österreich - ich kann also deutsch sprechen! :'DD

GlaringFeline posted to Blood-wolf

20/06/2016 01:06

Thank you for the subscription! ^^ I'm not just a furry artist, so I post on my Weasyl more often than here.

Heuvadoches posted to Blood-wolf

19/06/2016 16:51

You posted that you think you suck at art and animation ... but I just want to tell you, that if you persist in your efforts, you will become a force to be reckoned with.  Don't lose hope and keep the faith.  Nothing worth doing was ever easy.

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Hi they thx for the watch i reallt appreciate

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