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I finished this over a week ago and couldn't make up my mind whether I would post it or not.

So, the colouring was going well until I realized I don't have the colours I need to do the background. The shop I get my copics from only has a few colours and I've been picking up the same ones over and over without realizing. The background was supposed to be more dark and blue but I couldn't do that so I picked the colours I thought might look ok.
I also can't mix two different colours together on this card because It messes up the way it looks for some reason, I was going to go over the background in a gray colour but I would have made it worse. 

I only drew this picture because I really wanted to use my copics :P

I think I need to start using some different paper and ordering my copics online, I think the art shop in my town is probably the smallest art shop in the world..
(It also took them over a year to restock the copics and they only restocked about 10 markers... They had been saying for months they would restock them)

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