It was a dark, cold, rainy night and Zero couldnt handle the thoughts going through his head anymore.
He went out for a walk even though it was 11:30pm.
He didnt know what to do, he hated every thing about himself so much.
He went and sat by the edge of a river to think.The rain was dripping down his fur making it shine in the moon light.
The feeling of the rain calmed him down and helped him relax.
Zero lay down in the grass and looked up at the stars. After clearing his head he realised he's not alone,
People do care and they're their for him.
Crystal had came out to find Zero, she saw him by the river and went over to him.She rested her head on
his strong musclular stomach and told him that she loves him.
Zero looked at Crystal and smiled. He puts his hand on her head and slowly started stroking.
They cuddled closer and closed their eyes.
They fell asleep by the river in the cold rain but only felt warmth because they knew they were together.

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This came to my head before. I think its stupid but yo can tell me what you think.
I don't even think it was music that gave me this idea.
there is probably spelling mistakes and punctuation errors but I'm not good at writing.

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