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ive been trying to animate more movement but I'm sucking at it.

I realised how the character gets smaller through the animation then I decided to try to make it look like it was moving away, mainly when it fell onto its side but it didn't work to well. it doesn't help I have more motivation at night but I'm really tired and half asleep then but I'm trying to animate and draw so it don't always realise when I'm messing up.
ive got some other unfinished animations I want to post that I might finish at some point but I also don't want to have loads of unfin stupid animations on here.

http://sta.sh/0jg4a1o4c6l I'm not posting this on here unless I finish it... i went on a walk with all my family to the woods the other day with our new puppy but i was thinking of the things my O.C's would probably be doing while we walked through the woods and this is what came to my head... Diablo humping a tree... i might finish it but I'm not sure. there's something wrong with me.

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