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06/06/2018 03:19


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Brandon_Da_Fox posted

07/08/2018 15:35

Hasn’t anyone found if annoying that Furiffic keeps logging people automatically? It’s not a deal breaker. But if they added in a *Keep me logged in* thing, that’ll be good

Brandon_Da_Fox posted

14/06/2018 03:41

I have a idea. Or a suggestion. I don’t know if this is just me, but maybe when you accidentally click on the unsubscribe button, maybe you should be giving a choice on if you want to do so. I don’t want to unsubscribe by accident. But that’s probably just me, on mobile

Brandon_Da_Fox posted

29/05/2018 06:21

Don’t play Knack on hard mode. If you like the game, it’s fine, but it made me dislike a game for bring so much bullshit in a video game. It has a lot of stuff that will make you cry “fowl” it’s not funny. Please. If your gonna play Knack, at least play it on easy mode or normal. But don’t EVER touch Hard mode. I’m gonna try to finish the game, since I’m right at the final boss (which is terrible mind you) so I’m not gonna quit towards the end.

ALhedgehog posted to Brandon_Da_Fox

27/05/2018 10:14

Thanks for subbing!

Brandon_Da_Fox · 27/05/2018 17:42

No problem x3

Brandon_Da_Fox posted

26/05/2018 18:06

Don’t really know what’s on my mind. But if I can find someone who would be okay with a peril commission, that’d be great

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