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Hello every fur! :) My name is Brendan and I am a all white Angel Dragon with Blue, Black, Grey, and Green markings with Black horns by my ears, Blue and black horns on my nose, and black spikes on my cheeks. My owner is in the process of getting me a collar!! YAY!!! I've always wanted one :3 I am not one of those dragons that bite but i can if need be....I love making new friends and I'm always up for Role playing. I do traditional art but Digital is more of my thing haha. My commissions are open if anyone is interested :) (I'll put more info here as it comes to I guess to be continued....)


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Holiday Commissions!!!

Hello every fur!!! I have Holiday commissions open right now and I still have Black friday deals going on :) You can message me for prices because the prices very depending on what you would like done ^.^ thank you everyone!!!
28/11/2016 03:34


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29/11/2016 13:20

thanks for the fav :)

BrendanTheAngelDragon ยท 29/11/2016 18:48

Your welcome ^.^

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