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Artist Type: Cartoonist

She is very cheeky when needed to be and struggles to get used to new people due to her trust issues and abandonment issues. As a child she was the runt and therefore left alone in the snow. She barely survived until a wolf pack found her and took her in as their own.

Favourite Food

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Extra Details

kind and cute but if you anger her she is completely different. She is very quick worded and witty. She isn't afraid to fight even though she doesn't look it. She has 9 piercings; 6 in her ears and 1 on her face; The face one is a Madonna piercing. And 1 piercings on both her hip bones.

She has long beautiful grey and white hair that is swept to the side at the fringe and a striped long tail. 1 of her eyes are grey but the other is brown/golden. She also has a flat stomach with large breasts and ass. She is big and fluffy with pretty grey ears. She is quite short compared to her species but it just adds to her cuteness.


1.52 Meters · 4 Feet, 11.84 Inches


38.1Kg · 5 Stone, 13.99 Pound

Body Type

Hour glass


Skinny but sexy af

Extra Attributes

She enjoys company from larger animals as they make her feel safe but also likes to be protective herself sometimes.

Overall Kitty is a kind character just don't mess with her as she is not afraid to 'Bite' back ;3

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Attracts alot of male animal's attention. Is very cheeky and good at come backs and isn't afraid to fight a man although she doesn't look it. Very curvy and sexy. Can cook and enjoys video games.

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  • Created: 28/11/2016 22:54


Open to role-playing