Navy Starlight the Deer is feeling Nauseated
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Id fight myself, but I dont usually take the trash out.

A trashcan deeragon who draws squishy furries. I doodle for friends a lot and I like art trades.

My sweetheart friends

Oculus is my everything.☆

 Rapture and Mourir are like siblings to me.

 Kakulolita is a bby


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Telegram Chat

and I are starting a new pg/pg-13 furry Telegram chat. The chat is strictly sfw, any porn or nsfw content is going to result in a ban from the chat. If youre interested, shoot one of us a pm for the link.
11 months ago
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Art Trades

So I wanted to practice drawing different kinds of furs and fill up my gallery a little more, so Im doing art trades. Woot. Ill probably do flat fullbodies like this. Neon Galaxy Angel {/CPTSDeer/view/110118} Just lmk if youre interested in one. oAo
11 months ago


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Male · Popple · Asexual · Aquarius
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10 months ago

Navy Starlight

Male · Hybrid · Asexual · Aquarius
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Prince, Fawn Prince
Trashcan deer who needs hugs.
11 months ago


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Species: red-panda
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Species: dog
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