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Not much to say about me.  I'm a colonial red fox, a gamer, a writer, and a photographer.  I like to think I'm friendly so feel free to hit me up for just about anything.  If you want to get in contact with me, feel free to ask.  I'm usually on Skype or STEAM and I enjoy a good conversation as well as role playing (both normal and erotic)


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Bringing my writing to Furrific

So I finally decided to bring my first original story over here to Furrific. I know not a lot of you will read it (I'm pretty sure it'll be gone from the new uploads page before long, not to mention that no one seems to read longer stories, let alone chapters), but I am hoping that you who do wil...
01/09/2015 20:01
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Hello everyone

So I got the invite to this site today as well as many others, I'm sure. So I'm happy to say hello to everyone and that I hope that those who visit my profile find something they like about my work. I might be slow to update anything but I'm hoping that my variety of work will be nice for all of ...
18/07/2015 16:44


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Mortain posted to Chase

04/09/2015 03:18

 thank you for the favorites!

Chase ยท 05/09/2015 22:21

Not a problem ^^

Chase posted

02/09/2015 15:58

Not too sure what to put update time!

Tara is being worked on (hopefully I can fix her hand enough to make it LOOK like a hand.

Demon War's first chapter is up

And I'm working on a fan fiction of Krystal from Star Fox

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