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I'm just a guy who's an artist for fun.

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I'm Back Babyyyy

After like 3 weeks, my computer is back to it's good ol self! Still has an issue going on, one of the fans decided to join the failing bandwagon. I plan on getting a replacement after Christmas or whenever I have the funds to do so, but everything works so I'm not to bothered by it. Also major...
1 month ago

False Alarm

Sorta Computer is still bad, but I somehow got my tablet to work with my laptop was just dicking around with it and it suddenly started to work So art will be a thing now might look weird cuss I lost all my brushes but hey at least I can draw
2 months ago


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Snow Sapphire

Species: wolf
Artist Type: anthro artist
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Species: dragon
Artist Type: anthro artist
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Hraefn posted to CaptainCrooky

1 month ago

Burb appreciates fave~ ^v^

Exindiv posted to CaptainCrooky

2 months ago

Thank you for the fave.

Exxy posted to CaptainCrooky

2 months ago

hey thanks for the watch and the fav :)

Sleepy Fox posted to CaptainCrooky

3 months ago

Love your style ;)

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