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Lemme Draw Ya

Published: 2 weeks ago

Even though my tablet is working properly now, it still feels weird to me
So I gotta get used to it

So show me some of your characters and maybe I'll make a bust for them

don't have to be watching, just don't whine if i don't do yours

Madame Flare · 2 weeks ago

Here's Pandora , maybe? :3

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 2 weeks ago · 1 Reply

Please can you do Mr Insanity: . He is a herm (You can do him as any gender; I mean you can do him as male or female or herm, I don't really bothered about that.). Also, if you want to do it in any of age rating. I'm fine with tame up to adult age rating. I'm just saying.

TangentTheWolfy · 1 week ago

You have this saved to a clipboard somewhere, dont you lol

TangentTheWolfy · 1 week ago · 1 Reply

Heres a character Id like a bit more art on so I can elaborate her c:   Draw as you please lmao.

TangentTheWolfy · 1 week ago

Oof btw, thats an eyepatch. The ref doesnt show it lmao

Bundle o' Floof · 1 week ago

You still doing these?? I'm very interested!

Sputnik · 1 week ago

ey can you do my character?  i dont have a ref sheet but its pretty much the way a regular fox looks but green and white

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