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They were born on a warm November day at 2:15 pm in Illinois. Their mother was a nearly all white Siberian husky and their father was a liver and white Siberian husky dog. Unfortunately, Lucian was one of the three remaining pups of their parents third litter of six. As a pup and winter quickly approaching, going outside wasn't a thing until March or April of the following year, so they learned their surroundings quite quickly. In the winter, not a lot happened. It was cold, as winter tends to be, and the space heater by the nest where Lucian and their two siblings wasn't very warm. Often times, Lucian would become lost in thought and wander outside of the nest they were permitted, only to be quickly swept up by a friendly human and placed back into the nest... until Lucian would become bored and leave again.

   Once spring came, they and their whole family were allowed outside for the first time! Lucian ran around and noticed some glassy looking stuff still on the pond near the house. The pond still had some ice and snow covering most of it. Lucian, not realising the ice was thin in some areas, especially near the edges of the pond. They tenderly took a step into the icy pond, ignoring their siblings warnings. Lucian had wander quite a bit out towards the center the pond when their mother noticed Lucian was out on the pond. Being too far to hear their mother's warning, they continued to venture out until a loud crack was heard around Lucian. Lucian turned around and stared at their mother, scared, and before they knew it, their body was cold and soaking wet. Lucian tried to swim up to where they fell from the ice had broken up and moved from where they fell. Lucian's arms, legs, and lungs burned from not being able to get fresh air and give their body a break. Lucian's urge to live died down after they realised no one was going to rescue them and they relaxed and imagined drowning until they felt teeth on the scruff of their neck, dragging them up from the murky, frigid water. The fresh air hurt Lucian's sore lungs and caused their small body to begin shaking uncontrollably. Their mother quickly carried them into the warmth of the house to warm them up. Lucian never enjoyed water and later developed a fear for water.


1.52 Meters · 4 Feet, 11.84 Inches


102.06Kg · 16 Stone, 1 Pound

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