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This account is no longer in use.

Find me elsewhere via my links.

Thank you for the time, and have a wonderful rest of your day starchild!


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This site is a bit rough around the edges, but I know that's only because it's on the newer side, and I really like it! So I think I'm gonna stick around c: For now I'm just catching up with some older artwork which I have on queue, about 45 submissions I believe? Yeah. For Halloween I have a far...
27/10/2015 05:41


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Male · Hybrid · Asexual · Libra
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My first and former fursona. He developed his own character/personality over the years that no lo...
14/11/2015 08:06

Hot Rod

Role-playing No
Meet my ponysona. His name is Hot Rod, he's a unicorn, and he knows how to play several instrumen...
14/11/2015 08:01


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Alex posted to Cartel the Creature

30/10/2015 22:03

lol, don't worry. keep up the great work!

Cartel the Creature · 31/10/2015 18:08

Thanks, right back atcha :3

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