Casper the puppy the Wolf is feeling Hyper
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 Hi me Casper the puppy. I am a writer and babyfur who enjoys playing and writing all day.


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Fifth of November

Happy Fifth of November Everyone
05/11/2015 17:18

A moment of silence

On this day 14 years ago a group of Al Qaeda extremists managed to fly three planes into the Twin Towers and The Pentagon. Many lost their lives on that faithful day. So now I propose a moment of silence for those who lost their lives on this day.
11/09/2015 14:29


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Zahrah posted to Casper the puppy

04/09/2015 18:09

Thank you for subing! ^.^

Casper the puppy · 04/09/2015 20:09

yous welcome but does your stream allow furs like me (puppy dog eyes)

Zahrah · 04/09/2015 20:26

I'm not really a fan of baby fur, but I'm willing to draw them. Just no diaper stuff and fully dressed.

Casper the puppy · 16/09/2015 04:09


Moonshot posted to Casper the puppy

03/09/2015 17:24

sank you for faving :D

even if it is an emberesant moment.

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