Casper giggled excitedly as he quickly shoveled down his dinner. It was Halloween night and Casper was super excited to go trick-or-treating. Afterwards he and his friends were going to have a sleepover. The three year old white wolf pup loved Halloween more than any other holiday. Other than Christmas that is.
"Slow down champ." Casper's godfather, Desmond, chuckled as he too finished up his dinner.
"But I want to get ready to go trick or treating." Casper pouted slightly giving his godfather the infamous puppy dog eyes.
"If you keep going that fast you will choke." The red furred skunk countered pointing his fork at Casper. Casper groaned slightly as he picked up his knife with one of his black paws.
Dinner took painstakingly long for Casper. When he finished the white puppy sped to the dishwasher to put away his dishes then bolted upstairs to his room. Waiting there was Desmonds mate, a hermaphrodite skunk with sky blue fur named Caleb, was waiting for the young puppy.
"Hey Casper I just finished getting my materials together." Caleb said as he picked Casper up and brought the puppy to a nearby changing table. "First you need a change though."
"Oh come on Caleb I no need a change." Casper whined as Caleb proceeded to change Casper's diaper.
"Is that right?"Caleb chuckled as he disposed of Casper's old diaper and retrieved a fresh one. Casper silently pouted as he was tapped into his new diaper.
"OK spooky time for your costume." Caleb said pulling Casper's costume from underneath the changing table.
Casper's original idea was to just use an old white sheet with holes in them to look like a ghost. Being a top fashion designer however, Caleb refused to let Casper wear such a cheesy disguise. Instead Caleb spent nearly all month designing and perfecting Casper's outfit. It was a simple white robe with several ragged looking wounds that looked as though they were still bleeding. The sky blue skunk also used that time to experiment with makeup to give Casper's face a ghostly appearance.
"Alright arms up," Caleb said as he helped Casper into his costume. Next Caleb applied the makeup which was difficult because Casper kept squirming with excitement. Casper could hear someone knocking at the door which could only mean his friends had arrived.
"And done." Caleb announced pulling out a hand mirror
"Ooooh spooky" Casper giggled happily.
"Alright little phantom back downstairs." Caleb said with a large smile.
Casper raced out of the door at top speed. Caleb followed close behind as they headed downstairs and back into the kitchen. Desmond was waiting for them there. Dressed in his police officer uniform which now doubled as a costume. With him was Zoey, a purple furred puma one year younger than Casper wearing a princess dress, and Quincy, a badger no older than Casper dressed in a pirate outfit.
"Hey guys" Casper chirped.
"Hi nice costume Casper." Zoey complemented her friend.
"Yeah I bet Remy is going to be so jealous this year." Quincy giggled happily.
"Alright everyone have their bags and flashlights?" Desmond asked as he in entered into the hallway dressed in his police uniform.
"Oh going cop are?" Caleb asked the blue skunk made his way down the stairs.
"Can we please go now Desmond?" Casper asked nearly dancing with excitement.
"I asked you guys if you had your trick or treat bags and flashlights" Desmond inquired once more.
"Yesh we do now can we go?" Quincy answered with baited breath.
" Alright we can go now." Desmond chuckled as the three infants made their way to the door.
The trio nearly bolted out as Desmond opened the door to let the three out. All around the neighborhood it was nothing but Halloween decorations and creepy music playing loudly over each other. The trio raced down the driveway in front of them heading towards the next door neighbors house.
"Hey wait up you three." Desmond commanded causing the trio of babyfurs to from slightly.
"Hey do not start with me or we go back inside."Desmond replied sharply. "Now take my paw, all three of you."
Casper and the others did as they were told and each took one of Desmond's white paws. It was getting close to dark but was still to early for flashlights. Desmond escorted the trio of baby furs to the next door neighbors house at a pace everyone could keep up at.
As Desmond walked his charges up the driveway, the black grizzle that lived their stood up. He was dressed in a large black coat which was closed, he also had a scary looking hook. With his left hooked hand the bear grabbed a purple hat and put it on. With the left he picked up a walking stick which he twirled with practiced ease.
"Come with me," The bear sang while doing a little dance. "And you'll be in a world of pure imagination."
"Hey look guys its the candy man." Desmond announced cheerfully.
"You know what that means.....FREE CANDY!" The bear said in a deep but extremely friendly voice. The three infants squealed with glee as they rushed to get their candy.
"Come on you three to the next house." Desmond said taking the three pups by their paws once more.
The four made their way through the neighborhood. Going house to house and collecting candy. Some houses had furs sitting outside. Some others required knocking on the door. It was not until Casper and the gang reached a house near the end of the neighborhood that the three infants felt truly scared.
The house was an old fashioned brick house that was decorated with large creepy looking bushes surrounding it. The lawn was filled with several rows of tombstones. In the tree nearby a skeleton was being hung by its wrist by long chains. Finally, propped up against the tree was a large black coffin that looked to be locked.
"Desmond I scared" Casper whimpered slightly. "Can we go to the next house?"
"Calm down Casper there is nothing to be afraid of." Was Desmond's reply as he gave Casper a hug. "Why don't you three try going up to this house yourselves.
"O OK" Casper stuttered as he slowly began to walk up the driveway. Quincy and Zoey followed cowering behind Casper as the three walked towards the large red door.
Suddenly there was a loud rustling sound from the bush, then a large monster with black outfit, hockey mask, and large chain saw jumped out. Casper screamed making a run for Desmond with Zoey and Quincy close behind. Half way there the coffin opened revealing a bear dressed as Count Dracula
"Boo" the Dracula bear shouted causing the trio to scream once more.
"That's enough" Desmond shouted as he raced towards the two monsters.
"Oh come on don't be such a buzz kill dude." The bear in the hockey mask laughed. " we were just having a bit of fun."
"You call this fun? Scaring my godson and his friends?" Desmond asked coldly as he picked up the now sobbing Casper.
"Its alright champ Desmond is here." Desmond comforted his godson. "Come on let's just go to the next house."
"Nooooo" Clasped wailed as he buried his head into Desmond's chest. "I wanna go home."
"Alright we will head home." Desmond reassured Casper looking back for only a second to give the two teens an extremely dirty look.
Casper spent nearly the entire trip back home with his head hidden. Quincy and Zoey kept close behind too frightened to even consider continuing to trick or treat. Caleb was just handing out some more candy when the group returned. Caleb gave Desmond a look of concern as he silently passed into the house.
"What happened?" Caleb asked as he closed the door behind him.
"A pair of teenage punks decided it would be hilarious to scare the kids." Desmond grunted as he brought Casper, Quincy, and Zoey upstairs for a change.
"That is horrible" the herm skunk gasped in horror as Desmond finished reciting what had happened.
"I know" Desmond grunted angrily as he placed Casper onto the changing table. Caleb did the same with Zoey.
"Hey darling would you mind starting the slumber party for me. I am going to grab my badge and head back to that house." Desmond explained as he absent mindedly changed Casper's diaper.
"You are not going to arrest them are you love?" Caleb asked with a bit of concern.
"No but I do intend to give those two a good lecture. Plus inform their parents about the incident." Desmond replied as he helped Casper into his onesie and remove his ghost makeup.
"Alright your turn Quincy." Caleb said as he helped the badger out of his costume and onto the changing table. Desmond meanwhile went back downstairs. A few minutes later the front door opened signaling that Desmond had left.
After everyone was changed and into their nighttime apparel, Caleb brought the three cubs downstairs to the living room where everything was set up for the sleepover. Caleb turned on the T.V to Paw Patrol one of Casper's favorite shows. While Caleb went to pop some popcorn, Casper and company took apart the u- shaped coach to form a fort to hide from the scary monsters. When Caleb returned the sky blue skunk could not help but chuckle at the cubs creation. He placed the popcorn in front of the fort then turned to play the movie he had put in the dvd player earlier. When Caleb turned back around he was not surprised at all to see that the bowl of popcorn had gone missing. Inside the fort the sound of three cubs devouring the missing popcorn could be heard.
"Intruder," Quincy shouted shoving a pillow in front of the entrance so that Caleb could not enter.
"Oh I see how it is. Caleb said pretending to be offended. "Then I will just have to huff, and puff, and blow your fort in."
The cubs giggled loudly as Caleb attempted to blow down the fort.
"Honey I'm home" Desmond shouted from the hallway.
"Thank goodness I need your help." Caleb shouted
"What is....." Desmond began to ask as he found his way into the living room. The red skunk took one look and began to laugh.
"Wow smart cubs," A large white polar bear dressed in an army uniform commented as he entered into the living room.
"Stranger" chirped Zoey
"No Zoey this is Sergeant Alan Quartermane, he is here along with his twin brothers who you have already met." Desmond said motioning to the two younger polar bears who were being dragged in by their older brother.
"As you may not be aware before today's festivities began I had given my brothers explicit orders not to scare young civilians such as yourself." Sergeant Quartermane explained standing precariously over his brothers. "However that order was disobeyed, so now as punishment my brothers will be buying each of you a very large bag of candy as compensation for ruining your Halloween night. Before they do however, I believe my brothers have something to say to you."
"Alright you two start groveling." Sergeant Quartermane growled angrily to his brothers.
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 Casper and company go out for a fun night of trick-or-treating on one of their favorite nights of the year. Will it end happily or in disaster?

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