A white furred wolf looked out into the two long hallways that formed his school. The wolf placed one of his black paws against the cold hard bricks in order to peer down farther to make sure no one else was coming. The wolfs name was Casper Hawthorne, a not so average sixteen year old wolf. This was because Casper like many others were born with a chromosomal anomaly that prevent the young wolf from grown after age three. This could easily be hidden by a temporary age progression spell allowing the young wolf to look like everyone else his age. There were however some things that could not be hidden. Incontinence being the main problem. Hence why Casper was forced to search the hallways.
Casper rushed down the left hallway checking each of the doors to make sure no one would come out. he made his way down the lockers until the wolf made it to the locker that was his. As fast as he could Casper typed in the combination. the door hissed open allowing the white puppy to reach in and grab some of his supplies.
"Well what do we have here?" a deep voice asked
"None of your business Coach Hogan." Casper snapped as he slammed the locker door shut.
"Is that right? You want to mess with the Hoganator? Is that what you want?" The large rabbit asked putting his fists up. "Come on you little chicken you think you are so tuff? Than prove it."
"No now please leave me alone." Casper said turning his back to the large white rabbit.
"fine than open the locker or else I will." Coach Hogan threatened.
"You cannot do that." Casper retorted trying to bluff his way out of the situation.
"Want to bet short stuff?" The coach asked. before Casper could answer he was on the floor and Coach Hogan was typing some sort of code into the system. The keypad beeped and Coach Hogan wrenched the locker door before Casper could even think to stop him.
"Aww look at this." Coach Hogan said in a babyish tone as he pulled out two different packs of diapers. "Does the baby need a widdle change right now ? Is that what is going on?"
"Get out of my locker." Casper growled angrily.
"Or what shrimp what are you going to do? Are you going to cry too mommy? Oh that is right your mommy and daddy are dead." Coach Hogan laughed.
"And you will join them if you ever make another joke like that again" a female with a slightly Spanish accent hissed angrily
Coach Hogan spun around and came face to face with a puma that with light brown fur. She wore a red and black colored dress that proudly showed her heritage. Complete with a pair of black shoes. One of which was tapping against the ground very loudly.
"How dare you dishonor Casper's parents in such a manner." The puma hissed angrily aiming a slash at Coach Hogan's face.
"Principle De La Paz how nice to see you again. That is a beautiful dress you are wearing today." Coach Hogan squeaked as he dropped the packages of diapers in his paws then backed away slowly.
"What are you doing in Casper's locker Noah?" Principle De La Paz interrogated the grey furred bunny coach.
"Well I uh saw this little delinquent going to his locker and I thought you know maybe he was you know getting ready to smoke some weed or something." Coach Hogan stuttered as he continued to back away.
"How did you get in?" Principle De La Paz asked giving the coach a suspicious look.
"He typed in some sort of master code that unlocked my locker." Casper growled as he finally got the will to get off the floor and dust himself off. "He was just making fun of my for my, ahem, personal items when you arrived."
"you have a master code." Principle De La Paz hissed as she turned back towards the coach. "You know the rules Noah. I am the only one allowed to have a master code to the lockers, no one else. And this is exactly the reason why I made this rule."
"You cannot be serious I mean look at him, he is sixteen years old and he has baby diapers in his locker." Coach Hogan stuttered pointing to Casper. From the classrooms Casper could hear his fellow students trying to suppress the urge to laugh.
"You have no idea what is going on with Casper. Now to make matters worse the whole school knows what you discovered. I hope you are happy Noah because we are going to have a nice long chat with Casper's godfather when he gets here."
"His godfather?" Coach Hogan asked nervously.
" yes Casper's godfather Desmond. He is coming here to pick up Casper, Quincy, and Zoey for their three night sleepover." Principal Due La Paz retorted as she made her way to Casper.
"Come on little one let's get you changed before Desmond arrives." The principal said as she grabbed the bottle of baby powder, Casper's favorite blue onesie with red around the edges, and a fresh diaper for Casper's younger form.
"You too el est?pido." the principle snapped at Coach Hogan. Coach Hogan muttered something to himself but otherwise did as he was told.
It did not take long for the trio to reach Principle De La Paz's spacious office. Once there Casper released the age progression spell and returned to his original 3 year old body. Principle De La Paz reached into the bundle of clothing and pulled Casper out, placing the young pup on a changing table that she had installed just in case. the clothes were placed to the side while the soiled undergarment was immediately placed in the trash using an old pencil that soon joined it.
Next Principle De La Paz returned her attention to Casper who was now hugging his knee's in fright. The puma gently soothed Casper then went about fitting him into his new diaper. After that she helped Casper into his onesie. The whole time Coach Hogan stood in the darkest corner of the room. not daring to laugh or do anything. Least he upset the principle even more.
"So Coach Hogan now that Casper is all fixed up i have one simple question for you." Principle De La Paz said as she placed Casper onto the ground the turned to the coach. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?"
"Principle De La Paz I assure you there was a very good explanation for this." Coach Hogan said raising his paws defensively.
"Good reason, you had a master code in the system and you used it to basically humiliate this student." Principle De La Paz shouted pointing to Casper. "This is exactly why only I am allowed to have the master code."
"I did not know that stuff was in there, nor about Casper's condition." whimpered Coach Hogan as he pressed farther back into his corner.
"You would have if you had come to me. Now because of you Casper is going to be the laughing stock of the entire school." Principal De La Paz almost shrieked.
"i am sure that the students are more than mature enough...." Coach Hogan began.
"Mature enough?" Principle De La Paz gave a laugh so high that it caused Casper to nearly flinch. "You mean like your little football team? Oh please if they do not find some way to humiliate Casper by the end of today it will be a miracle."
"My football team is an extremely...." Coach Hogan began but was cut off by the principle.
"Obnoxious, selfish, not to mention cruel group of jocks I have ever known. I have been getting hundreds if not thousands of complaints from parents and staff every other day." Principle De La Paz roared so loudly it nearly shook the whole room.
"Wow they are that bad." Casper could not help but giggle.
"Yes," Principle De La Paz said after a long breath. "I am starting to think that maybe the football program needs to be suspended until next year."
"Come on Rose that is not fair." Coach Hogan protested.
"Why not, it would give your boys plenty of time for their studies." Principle De La Paz said with a sharp look. "From what I have heard being troublemakers is not the only problem your boys are having."
"I can assure you that the boys are at the top of their class. Unlike this little delinquent." Coach Hogan said puffing out their chest with pride. "On my team academics is the most important requirement for being on the team."
"Really I thought it was being big, dumb and ugly. Plus why are you bring me into this?" Casper demanded angrily.
"That is a good question Noah," Principle De La Paz retorted as she walked briskly over to her chair and sat down.
The principle fell silent except for the sound of her claws tapping against the keyboard. After a few minutes Principle De La Paz grabbed the monitor and turned it so everyone could see. On the list was the names and grades of every member of the football team along with Casper's grades.
"Rather funny isn't Noah, a few minutes ago I thought I heard you say something about academics being the most important thing for being on your team. Yet your entire team seems to have a problem with keeping up their grades. What a curious sight." Principle De La Paz sarcastically remarked.
"Casper on the other paw seems to be passing his courses despite the accusations you have made." The principle continued as she brought up Casper's report card.
"Probably because Caleb is a collage professor and makes sure I keep up my grades." Casper commented with a smile.
"Yes and you know what that actually give me an idea." Principle De La Paz muttered giving Casper an evil smile.
"I do not like that look Rose, what are you thinking?" Coach Hogan inquired nervously.
"I was thinking that your boys will not be practicing tomorrow after all." Principle De La Paz's grinned evilly. "Instead they will be spending their weekend at Casper's house doing make up work. That is if Desmond is willing to allow it."
"No, that is a terrible idea Rose. The boys need to practice." Coach Hogan pleaded desperately.
"Wrong Noah. What your boys need is to catch up on the work that they have missed during the school year. If your boys do not complete their work or even one of them fails to show up I will have no choice but to shut down the male football team for this year." Principle De La Paz cautioned the coach with a stern look.
"I understand," Coach Hogan relented.
"Excellent," Principle De La Paz beamed as she pushed the button for the school secretary. "Clara"
"Yes Principle De La Paz" a kindly female voice responded.
"I need you to do me a favor Clare, I need to know the instance that Desmond Hawethorn arrives." Principle De La Paz requested. "Also please notify the football team that they are required to come to my office immediately."
"Of course...oh Desmond just walked into the school principle." Mrs. Clare informed the principle.
"Excellent, send him in immediately." Principle De La Paz grinned in delight..
The two grownups and one puppy waited for the arrival of Desmond with a rather profound silence. Coach Hogan looked as though he wanted to say something, but a constant look from Principle De La Paz kept the large muscular rabbit quiet. Casper stayed near the principle looking in fear at the coach. Coach Hogan looked at the young puppy with a look that clearly showed his contempt for the pup. Casper shrank away behind the principles chair.
"Don't give him that look Noah." Principle De La Paz broke the long silence. "This is not his fault it is yours. If you had done your job like you were suppose to this would not be happening."
"How can you threaten my boys future like that?" Coach Hogan nearly croaked.
"What future Noah? The only thing your boys would have for a future is flipping hamburgers for below minimum wage." Principle De La Paz coolly responded. "If you want your boys to have a future maybe you should ask Desmond what it takes to get into a good college."
"Please Principle De La Paz reconsider what you are doing." Coach Hogan nearly pleaded.
"I already said you had your chance Noah....ah Desmond how nice to see you." Principal De La Paz nearly sang as a red skunk opened the door. He was dressed in a three piece suit that he always wore to the university.
"Desmond" Casper squealed as he ran up and hugged the skunks leg.
"Hey champ what are you doing here? And why is the age progression spell already removed?" Desmond inquired as he picked Casper up.
"Well it happened like this.." Principal De La Paz replied then recounted what had happened in the hallway.
After only a few minutes into the story Desmond's smile vanished. Casper meanwhile was content to bury his head against Desmond's chest. The final school bell rang just as Principal De La Paz finished her story. Several seconds later Mrs. Claire's voice came over the pa with the requested announcement.
"Sounds like the football team is in for a rather long chewing out." Desmond assumed.
"Yes, and I wanted to ask a favor of you." Principal De La Paz grinned at the red skunk.
"What kind of favor Rose?" Desmond asked mischievously.
"I was wondering if you might babysit said football team at your house? The team is very behind on their work and their grades are suffering from it." The principle said with a sweet smile.
"Not for long" Desmond responded with a smirk. "When can I expect the boys to arrive?"
"Tommorow morning bright and early. It will give me time to round up all the missing work." Principle De La Paz beamed.
"Sounds good to me. That will also give me time to help the cubs with their homework." Desmond nodded in response.
"Rose this is really unnecessary." Coach Hogan tried to reason. "Would you really keep the boys inside on a weekend?"
"Yes as a matter of fact I would." Principal De La Paz retorted giving the coach another glare.
"Well you have my address, so I will round up the cubs and go. I will see you tomorrow bright and early." Desmond reaffirmed with the principal.
"Yes I am thinking around eight or nine am. And thank you Desmond." Principal De La Paz smiled as Desmond opened the door.
Outside of the office, the Northridge football team stood crammed together in the corner. Casper instinctively blushed clinging to Desmond as they passed the front desk. Several player's recognized Casper and quietly began to snicker to one another.
"Don't react champ." Desmond advised the puppy..
"They teasing me Desmond." Casper whimpered quietly.
"I know kiddo, but let's just round up your friends and go home. They will not be laughing tomorrow when they have to make up their work." Desmond retorted as he tried to comfort the white puppy.
Seconds later Principal De La Paz stuck her head out of her office and said in a sickening sweet voice, "Boys you can come in now."
Casper and Desmond suppressed their laughter as they stepped into the main hallway. The pair made their way back into the crowded main hallway where all the students had congregated to go home. Many were gathered together with their friends for one last goodbye before making their way to the buses. Others chose to hang out as they waited to be picked up by their parents.Two students in particular caught Casper's attention.
One of them was a black great white shark with a white underbelly. A ring of orange surrounded his eyes. He also had a pair of orange triangles on his shoulders along with two more on his tail fin. The shark was wearing a loose rock band T-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts with a cloth belt.
Next to him was a puma who looked much like her mother, the principal. Her fur was a silvery grey color with flecks of white on the tip of her fur. Her eyes were green like an emerald with a ring of dark green around the iris. She too wore a t-shirt along with a pair of dark blue jeans.
"Jericho, Zoey." Casper shouted as Desmond walked over to the pair.
"Casper? I heard Coach Hogan broke into your locker. Is it true? Are you alright?" Zoey asked frantically.
"Yes Hogan got into my locker and now everyone knows I am a babyfur." Casper pouted angrily.
"Your mother was not too happy either." Desmond smirked mischievously. "She also asked that I help the football team catch up on some of their missing work." "Oh great, a bunch of jocks are going to ruin our weekend along with our school careers." Jericho rolled his eyes.
"Well they will be too busy working to do anything." Desmond reassured the great white shark.
"So shall we get going or would you like to change as well?" Desmond asked the pair of friends.
"We will wait until we get back to the house." Jericho answered as he began to blush.
Desmond merely gave a shrug then opened the door so the four of them could leave. out on the large parking lot the buses were all lined up with their doors wide open. Outside was a small pavilion where all the buses were lined up one behind the other stopping just at the western end of the school. Behind them were the cars of the parents who had come to pick up their children. In front of the pavilion was a small parking lot crammed full of cars. After making sure it was safe, Desmond lead the three cubs towards a dark red Honda Accord.
As they got closer to the accord a sky blue skunk stepped out. He too was wearing a three piece suit that was the color of charcoal. His most outstanding feature had to be the Large black ankle brace the skunk was wearing.
"Caleb what are you doing? You are suppose to be resting." Desmond scolded his mate.
The male hermaphrodite frowned and said. "I am fine Desmond I have been taking it easy all day. Now why is Casper already regressed."
"I will explain on the way my love. For now could you hold Casper while I dig out his car seat?" Desmond asked as he handed over the white puppy.
"Alright my love." Caleb sighed turning his attention to Casper. "and how was your day my little angel?"
"Not good." Casper muttered as he clung to Caleb.
"Did something happen baby?" Caleb inquired giving Casper a scratch behind his right ear.
"Like I said before it is a long story." Desmond replied as he fished through the packed trunk.
"Hey look everyone it's Casper the friendly puppy." One of the popular kids shouted from one of the bus windows.
"Shut up ." Casper shouted as his face began to heat up again.
"Casper calm down. You know Remy is just trying to antagonize you." Zoey tried to pacify the white pup.
"Well it is working." Casper huffed angrily as Desmond returned and began to install the cubby car seat.
After making sure the seat was secure Desmond said, "Alright let me get the pup into his seat then you can get in."
"This is embawwasing." Casper lisped as he was cinched into his large yet very comfortable car seat.
"Casper you know how to speak properly." Desmond scolded his godson.
Casper grumbled under his breath as Zoey and Jericho got in their seats on either side of the white puppy. Caleb got in next with some assistance of his mate.
"Everyone buckle up." Desmond called out as he started the car.
After waiting on the buses for nearly twenty minutes Desmond was finally able to pull onto the main road. The red skunk had used that time to explain to his mate what had happened earlier.
"Oh you poor thing." Caleb cooed as he reached back to give Casper a gentile hug.
"I know, but that is not all. Rose asked us if we could watch the football team as they catch up on their missed work." Desmond added on.
"At our house?" Caleb gasped. "What about Casper and company?"
"Oh I was thinking they could stay in our room with you my love." Desmond answered lightly.
" Hmm that could work, we could bring Casper's toy box into our room before those brutes show up." Caleb nodded in agreement.
"No I will be moving the toy chest. You will be in bed resting your ankle." Desmond corrected his mate.
"Stop being such a worry wart darling." Caleb teased Desmond.
The remainder of the fifteen minute ride home was spent on discussing the days events. As it turned out, Casper's school was not alone in their struggle with the student body. Several of the math and science courses Desmond taught were nearly empty without explanation. Caleb had a similar problem in his geography, history and archeology classes.
Later it was revealed that most of the students at the college had skipped class today. Instead they had decided to attend a pre-game victory party for the sports teams, hosted by the Alpha Phi fraternity. The party had been an epicenter for beer, food, and drugs.
"Talk about giant egos." Zoey commented. "A victory party for a game that has not even taken place yet. How stupid could you get?"
"Well the games are lost now. The cops were called and now most of teams are in jail." Desmond pointed out lightly.
"Were home" Casper shouted excitedly as they pulled into a community of apartment homes.
"Right so first thing is first; how much homework do you have?" Desmond asked.
"Not much, we finished most of it in study hall." Zoey replied as she looked out the window.
"Good, let me check what you have finished already." Desmond requested as they pulled up to a red brick apartment home.
"OK" the three friends chirped in unison.
Zoey and Jericho immediately bolted out the door, leaving Casper stuck in his car seat. Desmond shook his head as he got out to assist Caleb. He then opened the backdoor and undid Casper's safety harness.
"Thanks Desmond." Casper said hugging Desmond around the waist.
"Your welcome champ." Desmond smiled gently as he returned the gesture.
"Alright, come here little puppy." Caleb cooed as he helped Casper to the ground."
"Hurry up slow poke." Jericho shouted anxiously.
"Well maybe you should have assisted Casper before getting out." Caleb taunted back as he limp walked towards the front door and unlocked it.
"Jericho , Zoey come with me." Caleb said as he let them into the small living room before them.
It was a simple living room with your average TV to the east side of the room. Next to the TV was a handsome oak cabinet filled with dvds . In the center of the room was a black leather sofa with a glass coffee table which doubled as Casper's homework table. On the west side of the room was a stairway that lead to the upstairs. To the north was the dining room/ bar kitchen.
"We will be right back Casper. Be sure to start on your homework right away." Caleb instructed as he lead Zoey and Jericho up the stairs.
"I will." replied Casper as he took a seat at the coffee table.
There was a brief silence, the Desmond burst in shouting, "Honey I'm home."
"He's upstairs right now." Casper giggled.
"OK then you can start on your homework while the others change." Desmond said placing Casper's backpack beside the table.
"Here is the completed homework." Casper
"Stop, Jericho get back here." Caleb shouted.
"No! No diaper!" The now younger voice of Jericho yelled defiantly.
"Jericho get your diaper on right now." Desmond said without looking up from Casper's homework.
"But Desmond..." Jericho whined.
" No buts little mister or you are going home." Desmond rebuffed firmly.
Jericho huffed loudly but did not argue anymore. Several minutes later a toddler aged Jericho and Zoey came back down the stairs. Zoey was wearing her favorite mint colored footed pajamas. Jericho on the other hands was wearing only a grey T-shirt and a diaper.
"They are diapered and ready for homework completion sir." Caleb reported as he limp walked down the stairs.
"Good, you have done enough my love. Now rest your ankle." Desmond said as he assisted Caleb to the couch.
"Oh stop hovering over me Desmond." Caleb scowled. "Honestly I am fine."
"You heard what the doctor said. No strenuous walking for at least two more weeks." Desmond rebuffed as he propped up Caleb's injured leg.
Completing homework was a long as well as tedious affair. After each assignment was finished it was given to Desmond to be checked. Only after everything was done and corrected were the cubs allowed upstairs to play while Desmond made dinner.
"Guys dinners ready.Come and..." Before Desmond could say get it the three cubs were already sitting at the table expectantly.
"Now if only they could be this excited for eating their vegetables." Caleb sighed as he herded the cubs to the sink to wash their paws.
"Not my fault some vegetables taste yucky." Casper mumbled.
"Well you still need to eat them, yucky or not." Caleb sternly replied.
"Don't worry my love, tonight I made his favorite. Baked asparagus lightly seasoned with salt and garlic powder." Desmond said as he distributed the food out evenly. "And for the main course, spinach lasagna roll ups with a delicious tomato and cheese sauce."
"It looks fantastic Desmond." Caleb praised his mate.
"Mmmm yummy." Jericho said after taking a large bite of his spinach roll ups.
"Hey I just thought of something. You should make the football team eat this stuff tomorrow for lunch." Zoey giggled with delight.
"That is not a bad idea, after all those guys eat nothing but junk food all day." Casper weighed in peevishly.
"Junk food huh? Well I think I can whip up something for tomorrow's lunch that is healthy." Desmond smirked evilly.
After dinner everyone gathered around the television for a movie. Caleb brought popcorn and juice boxes for snacks. By the time the end credits arrived it was all devoured by the now sleeping cubs.
"I will get the cubs changed and into bed." Desmond whispered as he scooped up Casper.
"Then you feel up to watching something a little more romantic?" asked Caleb with a smile.
"Just as long as it is not The Moon Phase Saga, then yes." was Desmond's response as he brought the three cubs upstairs to bed.

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Casper and friends have a fun little sleepover after a long day of school. Cute babyfur story and completely clean

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