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Hi there, and welcome to my page! :D

I hope you enjoy my works! n_n ♥


Commissions: OPEN!!! DM me for info!
Trades/Requests: closed

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Never mind lolol

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to take the time to let you guys know that I won't be posting here anymore. It has nothing to do with this site at all; in fact, I LOVE this site. I love the layout, and I love the atmosphere... but I sadly do not get a lot of activity here. So, I will be cleanin...
11/07/2017 22:06

Updated Sketch Commission Prices!

Hello, everyone! As you may have seen on my Twitter, I have run into an issue where I am working A LOT and not making ends meet. I did a lot of math, averaging, timing myself, more math, comparing my prices to other artists' of similar style/quality, MORE MATH... and uh... more math. It's a goo...
25/05/2017 12:52


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01/04/2019 20:46


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Artist Type: digital artist
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Kachayin posted to CatInYourCloset

14/09/2015 08:10

 Hey, good morning. c: I was wondering whether I could see your commission prices somewhere? We (Furiffic) are searching for artists for a multi-character banner at the time.

CatInYourCloset · 14/09/2015 15:40 · 2 Replies

 I do not currently have a list of commission prices, but if you have a particular style in need, I can tell you how much I would normally charge for it! :D

Kachayin · 14/09/2015 15:42

 I will keep that in mind for future commissions then, thank you! :D

CatInYourCloset · 15/09/2015 03:31

 Awesome! n_n

Dani posted to CatInYourCloset

23/07/2015 04:48

I feel like I know you from my oekaki days. BUT... I'm not sure.

EITHER WAY. Love you're art. 'v' Thanks for watching me.

CatInYourCloset · 24/07/2015 01:22

HM. YOU MAY! I have been on many oekakis back in 2007 to like... 2009ish? Or something like that? Back when oekakis were the thing. xD My username has always been the same, so, it was CatInYourCloset back then, too. :3

Thank you, and I love yours as well! :D

Dani · 24/07/2015 03:39

Lol, I muuust have been you then! I went by so many different names back then. I think most people knew me by Kaetei, most of the time! All I drew was cutsie anime things then. I don't remember if we ever actually spoke or not, but hay. It's cool to see you're art now! So many people I use to admire have just disappeared. I'm sure they just changed usernames or something, and their abilities have changed so much but. YAHHH. I'm a rambler when I'm excited. Whew!

CatInYourCloset posted

23/07/2015 01:30

Is that supposed to be a paw that shows up when a page is loading on this site? It looks like the bottom of a paw but without toes! o:

Bun Fluffpaws · 23/07/2015 13:17 · 1 Reply

Hehe yes, its a browser issue, im going to make a new one that works across all browsers. Just digging trough the feedback currently =: 3

CatInYourCloset · 24/07/2015 01:21

Sounds good! :D I was just a little confused at first with the little white blob on my screen every time it was loading. XD I figured it out quite quickly, though. It will be so cute when it is fixed! :D

CatInYourCloset posted

23/07/2015 01:21

Finally posting stuff here! I am going to wait a while before I upload everything recent in here... So, I just filled my gallery up with some Cat pieces I've drawn. Aw yis!

CatInYourCloset posted

19/07/2015 05:38

o: What is on my mind? Hm... Hmmm... NOTHING. That's why I'm listening to music. It's empty in here.

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