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Never mind lolol

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to take the time to let you guys know that I won't be posting here anymore. It has nothing to do with this site at all; in fact, I LOVE this site. I love the layout, and I love the atmosphere... but I sadly do not get a lot of activity here. So, I will be cleanin...
11/07/2017 22:06

Updated Sketch Commission Prices!

Hello, everyone! As you may have seen on my Twitter, I have run into an issue where I am working A LOT and not making ends meet. I did a lot of math, averaging, timing myself, more math, comparing my prices to other artists' of similar style/quality, MORE MATH... and uh... more math. It's a goo...
25/05/2017 12:52
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$15 Flat Sketch Commissions! (CLOSED)

Like the piece I just posted yesterday? I got a lot of great feedback from it, and it was a lot of fun to work on! :D I was thinking that as for prices, $15 for one character, and $10 for any additional character. :3 These are quick sketches, so they are a little messy, but they will stay tr...
24/04/2017 13:40
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Tools - Creative Ideas

Can I just take a moment to express how amazingly COOL I think the Creative Ideas {/_/tools/creativeideas} page of the Tools section is??? IT IS SO NEAT! I actually want to utilize this in the future for when I want to doodle!!! Thanks, Furiffic, for your dedication to the art community! n_n
22/04/2017 22:49
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Activity Going Up and Commissions Update!

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to take a few moments to type out a journal that I will be posting on each of the art gallery websites that I am on regarding my activity and commissions. As some of you may know (especially on FurAffinity), I have q...
20/02/2017 20:34
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TEMPORARILY OPEN for commissions! ($10-$30)

I am opening up for 10 flat sketches at $30 a piece to raise money for a PS4 for my husband's birthday. He just got hired on, and the only way I can go about getting him this gift secretly is by buying something online with PayPal money. xD HE WILL BE STOKED OMG. So, if you are interested, grab...
05/08/2016 18:37
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No Notifications?

I haven't gotten any notifications at all for some reason! I mean, I know I haven't been active, but everyone else??? Weird~ hahaha How is everyone???
25/07/2016 20:41
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I'm Sorry for the Long Pauses in Activity!

I worked last Saturday, and I will also be working today. It feels like I am never leaving that place! lol I like the way one guy put it, "I went home and took a nap... and now I'm back at work!" lol THAT'S WHAT IT FEELS LIKE. I haven't really felt like drawing. I hate saying that because I don'...
05/03/2016 10:15


So, I figured that I would reappear with a submission! n_n Instead of SAYING I was going to do something, I figured I would just show it. LOL I ACTUALLY FELT LIKE DRAWING YAY OMG I AM SO EXCITED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just feel horrible for making you terrific people wait (the ...
23/02/2016 02:11
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Inactivity Apology + New Job!!!

Sorry for the inactivity here! I have mostely been active over on FA, and that really is by accident. xD I just get so easily distracted that when I get done on FA, I'm like... OOH THIGNS TO DO IRL, and I forget about my other art galleries. :/ I'm sorry about that! Also, the holidays have prett...
02/01/2016 19:03
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Today's Events

I had a fun day today! :D I am spending the night with my parents' again with my son because... well, it's fun! LOL And no sense in being at the house alone when I can drive ten minutes to my parents' and have company for my son and myself. :3 Not only that, but they have so much food. *_* Whic...
06/12/2015 05:23
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Schedules, Upping Commission Prices, and Life!

Schedules I am creating schedules to follow to get all of the work that I currently have on my queue {}. I already have the schedule for tomorrow created. I would like to create a schedule for the entire week, but with how crazy unpredictable my life...
27/11/2015 04:17
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Traditional Sketches (CLOSED)

I'm spending the night at my mom's house, and I want something to do! I found some old art in my old room, and it inspired me. xD Commission details: - $15 per character ($25 for couples!) - drawn with graphite pencil on standard printing paper - no color - simple hatch shading/detailing - chara...
22/11/2015 04:51
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Financial Stress and Commissions (Please Read!)

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to get on here and update everyone on my financial situation and where I need to be regarding commissions. As of right now, my husband is not getting unemployment benefits. I mentioned in a previous journal why him and his brother were fired. Basically, it had to ...
19/11/2015 00:58
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What do you commission? (PLEASE ANSWER!)

What are you more likely to commission from ANY artist? Something that's of low price like a sketch... Something that's of more detail like a fully rendered illustration? I need as many answers as possible!!! Thank you!
11/11/2015 05:57

OPEN - $15 Flat Sketches!

Want a sketch from me? Please click! n_n
10/11/2015 23:50
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$15 Flat Sketches!

Information about commission: - Unlimited amount of slots - $15 per character - Complex characters will cost more! (Message me with your reference(s) for a quote.) - Full body - Flat-coloring (no shading/lighting) - Textured backdrop for the background - NSFW is allowed (No porn! Artistic nudity ...
09/11/2015 21:07

Art Queue is Now on Trello!

Here is the link: {} :D I figured that it would be much better having my queue on a site outside of any art site. I had my queue only on FurAffinity... which is where most of my clients come from, but I do have a few...
09/11/2015 00:08
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How many breaks do you take?

I was wondering: How many breaks do you take in between drawing? The reason I ask this is because I forget to take breaks... In actuality, I have a hard time taking breaks! I know that in the past, when I do take breaks, it benefits my state of mind, my art, and everything... BUT I always feel ...
09/09/2015 17:17
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Happy Birthday to My Husband!

Sorry to everyone for being so delayed in responding to messages! Today is my husband's birthday, and we started celebrating yesterday and will continue celebrating until Monday! xD We do that... Birthday weekends. :3 ANYWAY, if I do not respond to your message promptly, that is why! Also, if...
29/08/2015 14:38

EMERGENCY Refined Sketch Commissions OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is very urgent!!! I applied for various jobs last week, and I put my husband's phone number down on my resume because my phone didn't have service at the time. Now, we randomly got asked to pay for the power bill by my loving in-laws, and it's well over $100... JUST for our part. My brother...
25/08/2015 12:10

Sorry for Disappearing!

I'm sorry for disappearing for a bit! I have started working on art again today, and I will be uploading some work here soon! I actually completed one commission today, but since it is a surprise for someone's birthday on the 25th of this month, I will not be posting it until then. :3 Anyway, ...
21/08/2015 23:47
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New Here!

Just uploading stuff for now, and later on I will take a better look around the site for some artists to watch! 8D *waves*
23/07/2015 01:26