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SO, I have been thinking about redesigning Cat for a while, so here she is! :'D

I really spent a lot of time on this to portray mine, and Cat's, personality. :D

I will be creating a little short story/description of Cat soon so that you all can learn more about her!

Here is a quick, little description, though:

* Cat is a panther, which is a black leopard. Normally, you wouldn't be able to see her fur pattern, but this is what her body looks like in pure sunlight!

* Cat is gender-fluid, though she prefers the pronoun "she", simply because that is what she is used to hearing and is what she is comfortable with. She can be male, female, or genderless!

* Cat can be drawn as anthro as well, though I typically like to draw her as quadrupedal. I do not mind any kind of body type that Cat is drawn with so long as it is not extremely underweight or overweight, as I am not comfortable being depicted this way.

* Cat is a shape-shifter in that she can shape-shift into these different forms: any gender, any body size, anthro, quadrupedal panther (2x as big as an average panther, and can be the size of an average panther as well), house cat, pocket-size, and microscopic! Cat can also grow as large as a huge building, but she loves being tiny! ((Her default shape is a quadrupedal, genderless panther that is twice the size of your average panther/leopard.))

* Cat is very dog-like in that she is playful, clumsy, loyal, and loving. (Just look at her panting in the reference! TEEHEE) Cat is very smart, but her loving nature overshadows her knowledge. She treats everyone, no matter their social status, the same.

* Cat is a vegetarian! XD

- Sleeping
- Swimming (especially at the beach!)
- Basking in the sun
- Nature
- Adventure/travel
- Reading
- Learning
- Art
- Music
- Computers
- ALL Animals!
- People
- FOOD. (is fet)
- Being petted
- Being rode on (only when huge. DO NOT SQUISH TEH TINEH CAT! DB)
- YOU!

- Anything physically/emotionally/globally destructive!
- Super loud noises/cacophony

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