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Hi! I'm Anna Plume  but I also go by Brutal, the name of my day gecko sona. I love to do art and I engage in many different kinds including furry/anthro, graffiti, photomanipulation, photography, horror, and fantasy. I enjoy reading, drawing, painting, hiking, exploring, dancing, and being an all out nerd. My Favorite music is Heavy Metal and my top bands are Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Kamelot, Children of Bodom, Marilyn Manson, and Myrath. I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, but honestly I think I am going to eventually move to Oregon because I want to live in a forest and be by the ocean. I am currently taking core classes at the local community college, but I plan to transfer CSU and go into Marine Biology. Fishies!  If you have any questions or jus wanna say hey feel free to message me, I don't bite. [emot=75]

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Pricing: Uncolored Sketches: Headshot- 1.00 Bust- 1.25 Half body- 1.50 Full body- 2.00 Colored Sketches: Headshot- 2.00 Bust- 2.25 Half body- 2.50 Full body- 10.00 Graffiti Sketches: Uncolored- 3.00 Colored- 5.00 Ref sheets- 20.00 -Paypal only - Payment required to start work What I will ...
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