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Artist Type: Writer

Character Info:
Name: Inqu (Ink)
Main Colour: White
Secondary Colours: Grey/Black
Hair: Long usually in a pony tail
Hair Colour: Black with pink highlights.
Personality: Usually chill but has a habit of getting sad randomly so be careful.
Body type: Fit/athletic
Height: 1 meter (3'3")
Sexual orientation: Really depends on her mood 
Hobies: Motorcycle riding, mechanical work, being lazy, sleeping and or eating.
Description: She's rather short why? Because shes a mouse, mice are short get over it. Shes can usually be caught day dreaming of some random want to fix things or modifying her existing vehicles, (she doesn't have a lot of money so they'll usually stay dreams) Shes playful when shes with friends she'll chat up a storm or be really chill about pretty much anything but when it comes to strangers or actually getting out of the house shes pretty anti-social. Her opinions and ideals are not widely accepted or viewed kindly so she will offend you at some point or another be prepared for this. Her intentions are good but as anyone can tell you some of the worst things can come from good intentions. So she will probably not apologize right away but sooner or later she will as she'll see her error or feel bad about it as long as it turns out bad. She hasnt had success very often so when she does so tends to celebrate no matter the occasion again be prepared for this as it may offend some people. If you happen to befriend her she'll be loyal to the end she may not find your opinions or ideas appealing but she will support you unless they could get you hurt then she'll do her best to discourage you from them. If you need help she'll do everything in her power to help no matter what it is but remember she not very strong or back up by a lot of money she her help is usually moral support or backup. (now for the real description X3) Her main colour is white she has black/gunmetal grey splotches around her body shes normally in a sports bra and sweatpants or jeans and a t-shirt her tail is a bit longer then normal and has a fluff or fur at the tip its usually the same colour as her fur but can be black and pink like her hair.


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Thanks for the fave mate

Inqu · 1 week ago

You're welcome

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3 weeks ago

Thanks for the fave on Gentle Snowflake and the subscription! I appreciate it.

Inqu · 3 weeks ago

You're welcome i really like your art style~

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Inqu · 1 month ago

You're Welcome~ ^~^

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Thank You for the fav :)

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You're welcome~

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1 month ago

You've been so awesome with your faves and support, you rock! 

Inqu · 1 month ago

Well you do have good art and you're growing as an artist rather quickly, its really the only thing i can do to show you should keep it up with out actually saying it over and over again >~<

MrSoucho posted to Inqu

6 months ago

Thanks a lot for the fave! You're awesome!

Inqu · 6 months ago

Not as awesome as your art!

MrSoucho · 6 months ago

Aw, you! -hugs-

Inqu · 6 months ago

*hugs back* ^~^

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MrSoucho · 6 months ago · 1 Reply

And thanks for yet another!

Inqu · 6 months ago

Yep~ ^~^

MrSoucho · 6 months ago · 1 Reply

This probably gets annoying,but thanks for your continued support!

Inqu · 6 months ago

No at all, and you're welcome~

MrSoucho · 2 months ago · 1 Reply

More faves! Thanks! 

Inqu · 2 months ago

^~^ you're welcome you're art is still amazing~

MrSoucho · 2 months ago


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Thank You :3

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You're welcome

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Welcome to the insanity that is my gallery! Your watch is welcomed and appreciated.

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28/12/2015 16:10

thanks for the fav :D hope you see more stuff you like when i get back to drawing more x3

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Thanks so much for the 1st Subcribe! It's my first time here.

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Welcome~ ^w^ and your welcome~

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