Inqu the Lucario/bluejay is feeling Lonely
Artist Type: Writer

Character Info:
Name: Inqu (Ink)
Main Colour: White/blue
Secondary Colours: Black
Hair: A mix between feathers and fur
Hair Colour: Black with pink highlights.
Personality: quiet and shy
Body type: Fit/athletic
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2" (157.4 cm)


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Species: cat
Artist Type: art whore
Mood: Not Drunk
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Species: wolf
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: creative
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ClockworkWolf posted to Inqu

1 week ago

Thanks for the Fave. I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Inqu · 1 week ago

You're welcome~ ^~^

MrSoucho posted to Inqu

1 month ago

Thank you for the fave, and your support, you're awesome!

Inqu · 1 month ago

Thank you for posting awesome art work!

MrSoucho · 1 month ago

Aw, you!

MrSoucho posted to Inqu

2 months ago

Yo! Thanks for the fave, it means a lot!

Inqu · 2 months ago

Youre welcome~

KaoriKitteh posted to Inqu

2 months ago

Thanks for subscribing! ^-^

Inqu · 2 months ago

You're Welcome~

Duo Theus posted to Inqu

4 months ago

Thanks for the fave mate

Inqu · 4 months ago

You're welcome

jax_cottontail posted to Inqu

5 months ago

Thanks for the fave on Gentle Snowflake and the subscription! I appreciate it.

Inqu · 5 months ago

You're welcome i really like your art style~

MrSoucho posted to Inqu

5 months ago

Thanks for the fave! 

Inqu · 5 months ago

You're Welcome~ ^~^

HowSplendid posted to Inqu

5 months ago

thanks a lot for the fav!

Inqu · 5 months ago

You're Welcome~ ^~^

Fuzzy Maro posted to Inqu

6 months ago

Thank You for the fav :)

Inqu · 6 months ago

You're welcome~

MrSoucho posted to Inqu

6 months ago

You've been so awesome with your faves and support, you rock! 

Inqu · 6 months ago

Well you do have good art and you're growing as an artist rather quickly, its really the only thing i can do to show you should keep it up with out actually saying it over and over again >~<

MrSoucho posted to Inqu

11 months ago

Thanks a lot for the fave! You're awesome!

Inqu · 11 months ago

Not as awesome as your art!

MrSoucho · 11 months ago

Aw, you! -hugs-

Inqu · 11 months ago

*hugs back* ^~^

MrSoucho · 11 months ago


MrSoucho · 11 months ago · 1 Reply

And thanks for yet another!

Inqu · 11 months ago

Yep~ ^~^

MrSoucho · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

This probably gets annoying,but thanks for your continued support!

Inqu · 10 months ago

No at all, and you're welcome~

MrSoucho · 6 months ago · 1 Reply

More faves! Thanks! 

Inqu · 6 months ago

^~^ you're welcome you're art is still amazing~

MrSoucho · 6 months ago


Fuzzy Maro posted to Inqu

19/05/2016 11:32

Thank You :3

Fiver posted to Inqu

18/03/2016 20:30

Thanks for subscribing hun ^^

Inqu · 18/03/2016 22:07

You're welcome

rtfm_comics posted to Inqu

27/01/2016 12:10

Welcome to the insanity that is my gallery! Your watch is welcomed and appreciated.

Blu-Ray posted to Inqu

28/12/2015 16:10

thanks for the fav :D hope you see more stuff you like when i get back to drawing more x3

DJ_Zek posted to Inqu

28/11/2015 02:00

Thanks so much for the 1st Subcribe! It's my first time here.

Inqu · 28/11/2015 03:08

Welcome~ ^w^ and your welcome~

fyirri posted to Inqu

21/10/2015 03:33

thank you for the fave and subscription ♥

Libby Airspinner posted to Inqu

10/10/2015 16:53

thanks for the fave

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26/09/2015 19:18

Thanks for the fave!

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26/09/2015 01:36

Thank you for the fave and the subscription!! ^.^

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30/08/2015 00:50

Thanks for the Fav

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15/08/2015 17:55

Thanks for the fave! 

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