Inqu the Birbcario is feeling Tired
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Things arent looking to good

Things arent looking to good, it really sucks but i need to sell my Ducati and Jimmy as fast as humanly possible, I doubt the jimmy has any chance of being sold given its condition but i can hope... {
14/08/2018 13:52

"I've got blisters on me fingers!"

I've written 17 pages and 8,700 words fucking paws hurt fam! The stories are an IB and SF exlusive given both involve underage sexual stuffs here they are if you want to read them! SoFurry links: {} https://www....
07/04/2018 14:06

Hey, nerf peeps

My friend has started a Paypal pool! go check it out! {}
22/03/2018 02:39

Hey just a heads up! >///<

I've posted a story on my Inkbunny and SoFurry page if you want to go read them, just a fair warning though they arent for no for reals they arent >~< its the longest story i've written to date though and im actually proud of this one, though its not going to get as much traffic b...
18/01/2018 08:57