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The fuck is furiffic

Not gonna lie I had to google this site because I forgot it existed. I don't post here anymore, obviously, so if you enjoyed my art at all here's where I post mostly: Furaffinity: /user/~kiki~/ Twitter: @CryptiCatArts
31/05/2018 17:55
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aw jeez

Whenever I make accounts on other sites I forget about them ??? Also been searching for a second/or better job and I've been very busy. I'm so much more active on my furaffinity if you'd like to keep up with my most recent stuff!
05/05/2017 21:33
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End me pls

Okay so I got 3 hours of sleep last night because I had to take my son to the hospital. Turns out they said what happened is normal (nursemaids elbow) and showed me how to fix it next time rather than go to the ER at 3 AM lol I'm going to keep working on my hair today and I'll post before durin...
17/02/2017 14:13
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Well just fuck it alright

. ゜ ◇ ✦. ゜ ✩¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸✩ ゜ . ✦ ◇ ゜ . I guess I'll have to post an update lmao I'm so sorry on the two people waiting on art. Honestly I've been having a very rough few weeks. Without going into too much detail I'm trying to take what little time for myself that I can to ...
16/02/2017 16:25
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Back from the dead?!?!

. ゜ ◇ ✦. ゜ ✩¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸✩ ゜ . ✦ ◇ ゜ . Hi everyone! Looks like I've been taking a pretty unintended hiatus from art. I recently started a new job and that + re-straightening after our move has consumed my life. My "work" schedule will be changing and I will no longer be ava...
05/02/2017 13:00

Update: 1/6/17

. ゜ ◇ ✦. ゜ ✩¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸✩ ゜ . ✦ ◇ ゜ . Hi again everyone! as it seems I might not have the time to finish up my last commission! I will try my best though to get it out and taken care of c: I have my trip this weekend so I will once again be away from my computer, this tim...
06/01/2017 15:20

New Years Resolutions:

. ゜ ◇ ✦. ゜ ✩¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸✩ ゜ . ✦ ◇ ゜ . 1. Launch patreon by the end of January 2. Draw background in each image to improve 3. Learn photoshop for drawing 4. animate more 5. drink more....water. less soda and more wine. 6. eat actual breakfast and not just popcorn and cake 7. ...
02/01/2017 15:23

ohmyfuck updates :0

. ゜ ◇ ✦. ゜ ✩¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸¸.·•❤•·•·.¸✩ ゜ . ✦ ◇ ゜ . okay so I haven't been at my computer since Christmas because I've been so heckin busy! I will be leaving Tomorrow in the afternoon and will have NO electronic access until Sunday morning, and Next week I will be leaving Thursday and wil...
29/12/2016 20:53

Work will be slow: Explanation

Okay so the other day I found out a cousin of mine was in the hospital...yesterday we were told she was put on oxygen and has IVs coming out of everywhere for fluids and she's also malnourished. Today my mom told me she is taking a turn for the worse so tomorrow I have to be on call and at the re...
15/12/2016 02:00


Guys I might not do a lot art wise today. Not saying I won't do any at all I'll just be slower today. I woke up with a headache and I've been shaking and feeling a "sense of impending doom" I guess you could say. Basically I feel super stressed today and I need some time for myself. I'm making...
08/12/2016 14:32

PWYW commissions!

Alright so here's the deal: I'm moving into a new apartment and I need to raise $300 for the lease break and apartment holding fees! Why do I need to raise this? My mom had to go get my sister and without going into too much detail she had a really....REALLY bad injury at her job and so my mo...
29/11/2016 14:14

Chai is moving!!! PWYW SALE! {} {} {} https://www.furaffini...
28/11/2016 23:55