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aw jeez

Published: 05/05/2017 21:33

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Whenever I make accounts on other sites I forget about them ???

Also been searching for a second/or better job and I've been very busy. I'm so much more active on my furaffinity if you'd like to keep up with my most recent stuff!

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Diamond Faith · 05/05/2017 21:39

I wish you luck on your job hunt*

lupeyroo · 05/05/2017 21:40 · 3 Replies

This site is like 100000x better though 

Diamond Faith · 05/05/2017 21:45

I know this comment is for Chai but I agree with ya*

Awkward Doggo · 05/05/2017 22:26

Lol thanks! It's been slow rolling but I'm confident. And yeah I like this site a lot, but I've been on fa for so long I'm just so much  more used too it'

Diamond Faith · 05/05/2017 22:33

You're welcome & I understand that I have one friend who prefers Weasyl best*

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