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Taken from Genesis Part One, Skupples

Shortly after the first cloning, Some geneticists working with a hefty budget created the first Artificial animal. It was a curious thing to be sure, no bigger than a hamster and formed to be cute. Using animal DNA and Human they gave their creature intelligence by modeling it's brain structure to be very simular to a mans. It's large eyes bright and small arms and legs covered in brown fur, only living a few months but gave them the data needed to go forward. Another construct and another soon followed each a refinement of the original. Decades went by, the small constructs kept in labs and modified with every generation.When they had something that was cute, playful and easy to clone with a lifespan of 5-7yrs. This was what they were looking for, a Living pet very simular to a living Teddy bear. During this time a war had started in the dirtier less wealthy nations, making the world's people turn away from entertainments while they watched the killing and fear shown 24/7 on the TV's.

The wealthy corporate heads always looking to change the subject back to sales introduced a new TV show "Skupples" Skupples was a vehicle for selling products, mainly the new must have pet. People were simply amazed, rarely does a new Item or invention come along that has such a changing impact. Skupples could sing, dance, understand it's owner but not talk. Everyone simply had to have the new Construct pets, the cloning centers set up for the very event failed to keep up with the insanely large demands.

A little while into the craze owners started to find that Skupples were doing some odd things. Many were learning to read with the help of their owners, Skupples had found a way to Talk so to speak. Using small phones or keyboards, Skupples let owners know it was far more intelligent than they had previously thought. Some people who grew afraid of the idea of genetic constructs with intelligence started legal battles, trying to get them outlawed.

Time went on and Skupples held on, some countries and nations banned the genetically altered pets, and some embraced them as the wonder they were. Due to the cloned nature of Skupples, people could not breed their pets and raise litters. Not until private labs funded by people who pay to get what they want did that hurdle fall, small in number at first the new Skupples came in Males and Females. Thanks to easy tells in the genetic codes, scientists had tweaked the personality to be more subservient to Humans, taking an almost sidekick role.

Many people had one wherever they went, a private confidant and buddy who always loved being with their owner. Many a Skupple died when their owner passed on, heart broken the ever loyal pets just let go and died. This made them all the more endearing to people as the bond was becoming symbiotic. Many new breeds of Skupple came out, companies unable to stop breeders made their own varieties. Dogs and cats were the first common forms people think of when they hear the word Skupple now. More exotic forms were made as well but none more Loyal and loved as the Canine breeds.

Artwork and Skupples ©  charrio

Shaded version really like how this one came out.

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