Chow the Wolf is feeling Depressed
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Headshot Commissions!(CLOSED)

Hi there guys! ♥ I want to start doing commissions to raise some money to pay some bills c: I will start low with some headshots they will be like this: .:You've left me paralyzed: .:We are a part of the same play: {/Chowco/view/87766} Look in my gallery for more examples of my art! ♥ I will be d...
05/12/2016 11:37
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Request! (Closed!)

Decided to make some requests to thanks everyone for being so lovely to me ♥ I will be doing some fullbody colored sketches for free! but only a few slots ;o; sorry ;v; it can be feral or anthro, I can draw pretty much anything! ;v; just comment with a link to your character ;v; -3 slots- 1-OPEN...
02/12/2016 13:35
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A little truth

I made a account here, because it seemed fun! and I wanted to get out of deviantart I don't feel joy in that website anymore, and some people make me uncomfortable I tried to escape to this web site, but, ugh People found me here and I feel like deleting this account, and deleting my dA too ugh I...
01/12/2016 02:41