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Roleplays: Not all that frequently. I love it, but I'm not very punctual on it and I rarely have time.

Hello there ladies, gentlemen, and those who have yet to make up their minds! I'm Cinder, a little coyote mutant from Southern Illinois who's always happy to chat and make friends! S-seriously, please, all I do is sit in my house and make art all day I get lonely! Just kidding (sorta), I do other things besides just make art. I'm currently attending high school and am all up in the theatre and choir programs! I would love to go into animation as a career, gunning for a story-board artist, a characters designer, or just a regular old animator..... or anything they'll be willing to give me. For now I work at The Darkness, a big haunted house in St. Louis during their season. I'm hoping to get a normal job this summer or something.

As far as art goes, the term "Art Whore" is frighteningly accurate. I throw myself at every medium imaginable from digital art and animation to sculpting and fur suit making. I've made two suits so far with a third currently in progress and two more coming up after that, I sell prints at crystal fair Con every year, and though I haven't finished a full length video yet, I make small, song based animations with my characters on YouTube. If you're ever interested in commissions or art trades just let me know, they're always open!

Hope to see some of you fuzzy-butts soon!


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A Spooky Little Question

Hello and happy Halloween darlings! I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I know you're pretty busy. I work in a haunted house around Halloween every year and after seeing thousands of folks walk through my scene and pretty much every possible reaction you can think of from them, I want ...
10/10/2016 22:48

One small step for furry.....

Yes, after months of looking at the empty role-play section of this baby site's forums I have finally taken the step and started the first thread. Here's to many more from here on out!
22/12/2015 21:43


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12/10/2016 01:30


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The villain of my divine beings' story, Providence is petty, vain creature, out to make his fello...
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