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This pretty thing is Frost, one of the first and most proficient medics on the EverE staff. She was born into a very wealthy family and grew up in the lap of luxury with her mother, father, and baby sister Coal. Her family was known for being the sort to throw lavish parties in the ballrooms of their house and to be very prolific among high society. Rumor has it though that they were also the sort to have a lot going on behind closed doors. The servants who worked in her house complained that she was a monster, and one far beyond any normal rich brat. The complaints were usually met with the servant's swift unemployment until an unfortunate "accident" befalling Coal got Frost sent away to a private boarding school to be trained in the medical field. After studying there for far too long, Frost was approached by Fem, herself, with a prestigious job offer to be one of the head medics at EverE Industries. After accepting it enthusiastically, Frost has happily worked there ever since. She loves and takes great pride in her work, treating it more like art than cruel surgery, and almost always has a genuinely cheery attitude. If only the patients would enjoy it with her though instead of screaming in agony.

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The young, sadistic, unofficial leader of the EverE Industries medics.

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