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The villain of my little story of the deities.

Providence is an ancient being from the beginning of the world, said to be covered in a thousand eyes. Several of witch, he gave up, placing them within the mirrors each immortal possesses, infusing them with his power and allowing them to view the mortal world where their influence rains. However, this action left him severely weakened, to the point where he began to fade away. Overtime, his dimension was sealed off and his fellow immortal beings began to forget about him, taking his gift for granted as he slipped from their memories. He remained in a sort of limbo within his dimension for centuries before a disturbance in the fabric of existence, caused by the assentation of several of the god-like entities, stirred him from his dormancy. Sensing their absence, and in a daze of desperation and confusion from his years of fading in silence, he once again cracked open the rift between his dimension and the others and sought out the ascended beings' mirrors, taking back the eyes he had gifted them with and regaining a small fraction of his power. This fraction however, was plenty to make him remember the sacrifice he had made for the comrades who no longer remembered him, and give him the motivation to seek out the rest of the eyes he had given up, and make his fellow deities realize just how much they should have appreciated him and what he gave them.

DalethFox · 22/12/2015 14:40 · 1 Reply

Very nice my friend^w^

Cinder42 · 22/12/2015 22:36

Thank you! I'm starting to realize that a lot of my villains are based off of what I think would influence me if I ever became a Disney villain or something. Providence is being ignored and/or forgotten.

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